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Questionable officiating in two games

  • I know officials are trying to do the right thing but there was an officials time out in two games that dramatically altered the outcome in one, if not both of the games. Both instances happened at the end of the games. The first was the Memphis/St Mary's game in which St Mary's had no timeouts remaining. St Mary's came down and banked a three off the glass to bring them within two. They then knocked the ball out of bounds off Memphis with 1.9 seconds left. Remember St Mary's had no time outs left but the refs stopped the game to review the time left on replay. This gave St. Mary's a clear advantage as they had time to diagram a play. They missed the shot so Memphis won, but it still gave them an underserved chance to win. The second instance was the Davidson/Marquette game. Marquette had no timeouts left and hit a three to come within one point. They then forced a turnover with 5.5 seconds remaining. Remeber again, they had no timeouts to diagram or set up a play, but the refs once again called timeout on their own to check the clock giving Marquette all the time they needed to decide what play to run. Granted it was up to Davidson to stop them and they didn't, but if Marquette had been forced to play right away, they maybe wouldn't of had that organized of an opportunity

  • could argue that it also gives the D a chance to set up. they can't win...if they f'd up the time on the clock, people would be bitching.

  • The thing is the other team might have called a time out anyways to set up their defense. The fact the reffs did it and not them might make it a moot issue. It might have already been happening anyways.

    The thing that gets me is when the reffs don't make the call late in the game and allow players to get mugged due to being scared to blow that whistle with less than 2 minutes left. That is what pisses me off. If its a fucking foul in the first half then it better damned well be a foul in the final minutes.

    "The only thing That Team Up North will be tasting this year is the salty tears of defeat" - UFM

  • I don't really think the final play by Marquette was all that drawn up as the guy who got the inbounds pass simply dribbled up over the top of the key and straight down the left lane for a layup. Didn't see too many earth shattering picks or anything like that; nor did I see any real defensive moves, but I get your point.

    BTW, did any of you see the blocking call on Ole Miss towards the end of the game when Wisky was trying to inbound the ball. Wisky's Lurch ran right over a defender who was backing up to guard the inbounds pass and the ref hesitatingly called a block when it was easy to see that it was a full blown charge. Actually it was a full blown massacre on that poor kid--Ole Miss's best ball handler and shooter who fouled out with that call. Luckily they were playing Wisky and it did not matter. Wisky, the gang what couldn't shoot straight.

    This post was edited by bucksnnuts2 13 months ago

  • What about the easy-to-see intentional fouls at the end of the game which the ref's turn a blind eye to and it becomes a simple foul. If you're losing by 5, 6, 7+ towards the end of the game and you simply reach to touch the ball handler that is intentional. These non-called fouls often lead to the team who is behind actually winning the game because the ref's are eunuchs.