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Recruiting Rankings - Big 10 vs SEC

  • Just for you over-signing people:

    Bama - 26 recruits
    tOSU - 25
    Florida -27
    UM -27
    Ole Miss -27
    LSU - 28
    A&M - 32
    Auburn - 23
    S Carolina - 21
    Arkansas -23
    Braska - 26
    Miss St - 22
    Tenn -21
    PSU -17 - sanctions
    MSU - 18
    UK -22
    Wisky -21
    Mizzo -20
    Indiana -22
    Illini -25
    NW -19
    Iowa -22
    Purdue -24
    Minny -20

    Outside the SecK/B1G (Teams over 25 recruits)
    BYU - 31
    UCLA - 26
    Pitt -27
    WVU -28
    Cal -26
    ASU - 26
    UofA -26
    Utah -28
    Wash St -26
    Houston -26
    Uconn -26
    E Carolina -27
    Fresno -29
    Southern Miss - 26
    Memphis -28
    WKU - 37
    UAB -29
    Air Force -39
    Old Dominion -36

    Wow 6 teams (Half) of the Pac12 are over 25 recruits - must be over-signing for them too. How about BYU and Air force in the 30's. How dare they over-sign.

  • I found an interesting USC conversation about the oversigning.

    Oversigning? You've got to be joking.

    Does anybody else realize how devastating the ramifications of oversigning and pulling local kids offers would be? Burning bridges with in-
  • Air Force with 39! That's great!

    I thing the NCAA should open an investigation into Air Force and the crooked ways they go about getting a NC..

  • You can't teach size or speed and you can't change geography. The US population has progressively moved south while states like Iowa and Minnesota have seen their farm communities dry up and blow away as industrial farming has replaced family farms and much of the labor pool has been replaced with immigrants or automation. A trend that also appears to be catching up with Nebraska.

    Go back fifty or sixty years and the population of Ohio equaled that of Florida, Georgia and Alabama combined. There is no getting around that demographic shift. Iowa is not going to field teams of home grown stars because there just are not enough of them and the Iowa coaching staff is not going to go into states with larger populations and out recruit in state and regional schools. They just don't have anything to offer a kid from the South, Iowa winters make Ohio look like San Diego.

    Iowa and their kind are going to have to get by for the most part with the players that the top programs in the states those kids in live don't want. That is not very likely to change no matter who they hire to coach so people might as well get passed it. Schools like Kentucky and Mississippi are better positioned to recruit then Iowa and Minnesota because they are closer to the well of talent as it exists today.

    Go back far enough into the past and the Ivy League dominated college football. Today it is the SEC. If the B10 wants to compete they will have to follow population through expansion.

    This post was edited by Trotwoodbuck 17 months ago

  • Then why aren't more southern teams winning national championships?

    I mean with all these theories floating's basically still the same school dominating the SEC and that's Alabama. You've got Florida which was a power to be reckoned with in the 90's.....and you've got LSU which has always been a premier program in the south dating back to the late 50's early 60's and you could make the argument much the same for Auburn.....those teams have always been historically great teams. As far as SEC history is concerned....

    Those 4 are to the SEC what Penn State, Nebraska, Ohio State and scUM are to the B1G Ten. Are we down? Right now yes....but from a historic perspective.....what teams just dominated the B1G in recruiting? Who was next in line? Penn State and Nebraska.

    Tennessee hasn't won a NC title in almost 15 years.

    When was Georgia's last title?

    How about South Carolina?

    Does anyone think for a second that Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Miss State or Arkansas .....or Kentucky...Missouri...are all of a sudden going to start winning national titles?

    I hardly think so......

    Ohio is still the 5th largest recruiting based state in the country....and it would surprise you guys the numbers of some of the other mid-western states that are ranked pretty good from a national perspective....Illinois for example.

    This post was edited by Bearbuck 17 months ago

  • Today's athletes don't give a damn about what happened in 1990 let alone what happened in 1960 and before!

    Generation Instant Gratification don't care!

    Today's athletes are content to play on the #13-14 program in the SEC instead of the #5-6 program in the Big 10.

    They aren't smart enough to realize that Alabama, Florida, and LSU own the conference, and being on #10-14 SEC teams means they probably won't ever play in a bowl game.

  • FWIW, the academies aren't restricted by the same scholarship limits as other D-1 schools. Last year, Navy had 51 and Army 49. The NCAA even has different recruiting rules for them. They can't redshirt, except in extreme circumstances (see Napolean McCallum at Navy back in the 1980s), which means they have four years and they're done. But each academy has a post-grad prep school, which they rely on in lieu of redshirting so a lot of their recruits will go there for a year out of high school. Army's is called the U.S. Military Academy Preparatory School, aka USMAPS. It's located in West Point and has about 250 students, most of whom are there for athletic seasoning as it offers a full repertoire of sports. Navy's is called United States Naval Academy Preparatory School and it's located in Newport, Rhode Island and has about 300 students.