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Rise of Rutgers to create rivalry, hurt PSU and Notre Dame?

  • For what it's worth, having grown up in New Jersey, and New York City, it's my opinion that Rutgers/Penn State will turn out to be a pretty good rivalry. If New Jersey can keep most of its talent in state, and draw a few kids from eastern Penn. (at the large expense of Pit. and Penn.), I think Rutgers will be a pretty good B1G team.

    New Jersey has high level high school football, and has produced a number of elite recruits over the past few seasons, most of whom have gone out of state for college. In the absence of a strong state university program, Notre Dame has effectively recruited NJ over the years, capitalizing on the strong Catholic school programs there. The potential rise of Rutgers hurts ND as a national recruiter.

    I recall that 7 first round NFL picks in 2009 were from NJ, with only one having gone to Rutgers.

    As for current and future talent, here's a link:

    Schools like Don Bosco and St. Peters are potential "pipeline" schools for Rutgers, producing 3, 4, and 5-star talent pretty regularly.

  • you loved your post so much you started a thread about it? let me tell you, it wasn't that good of a post. you can go read my reply on the other thread as to why this is nonsensical.

  • Sorry to disappoint you.

    I started a new thread because I wanted to present thoughts on this topic, and I thought there would be enough interest to carry a separate discussion.

    I don't think the Rutgers/PSU rivarly will be "instant" but these two schools are already in a recruiting battle, and with sanctions on PSU, Rutgers may start to gain a stronger hold on in-state athletes.

  • Rutgers for the past 17 years has been a member of the Big East (1995). Also a member since the BCS formed in 1998.

    They had Virginia Tech and Miami in their conference for about 10 years......I seriously doubt that switching to the B1G Ten is going to all of a sudden keep NJ kids from going elsewhere.

    It's not about the conference a team is in. It's about the program. I don't see Rutgers all of a sudden competing for recruits simply because they are now in the B1G Ten. That's my take.

  • I would have felt much better about Rutgers if Schiano was still there.

  • They have great hair in Joisey too sick

  • **yawn**

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  • I agree in part, but I think PSU, OSU, and Michigan are bigger draws for fans.

    Maybe the kids that would ordinarily go to PSU to play schools like OSU and UM will now stay at home and play them in their own backyard.

    PSU's got 3 kids from NJ committed to their 2013 class already. Now that Rutgers is in the B1G, I'm curious to see how many will transfer, and effectively get to play the same teams closer to their families, and be able to go bowling.

    At least one PSU player has left for Rutgers already.

  • This was the same exact thing I was thinking about Bear.

    Who is to say that they will keep these recruits. I have posted a week back about who is top recruits and where they are going. I believe 4 or 5 of the top prospects were heading down south (Bama, Auburn, etc) These are also top prospects (4-5 stars) So if they can keep these kids- yes they will be a better team, but it's also the leadership that has to be installed in that program. I don't even know who coaches Rutgers. There was Shiano and that's it.

    I did hear that they are adding lots of money to the facilities. That could help.

  • that player left for rutgers because of the shit going on @ psu, not because rutgers joined the big10.

    anyhow, i just don't see it happening. whether or not 1 or 2 NJ kids stay at home or not will not determine if rutgers ever becomes relevant. how many texas kids or fla kids or other 4 and 5* from around the country are going to want to go there? more now than a couple weeks ago.

  • I think you guys make good points, but don't overlook the fact that NJ and Penn. are border states, and more "natural" rivals than Rutgers and Va Tech or Miami.

    Boom, you're at least partly right, but I think that in the past PSU caliber players would not leave the school and go play ball for Rutgers, but rather other Big Ten type schools.

    In fact, now that Rutgers is in the B1G, AND PSU has been handed severe sanctions, I think Rutgers will start to win the recruiting battle with PSU, and a rivalry that has already existed off the field, will begin to become a rivalry on the field.

    Oh, and Rutgers does get a number of Florida kids to play for them; maybe not the best, but if the program becomes established, look for more Fla kids to come north to play for The Scarlet Knights.

    Lastly, look for Rutgers to out-recruit Minny, Iowa, ILL, PSU, Indiana, and perhaps Purdue and MSU this year. The talent will be in place for a rivalry to form with PSU, and Rutgers will be competitive.

    As pointed out, if only we knew who the coach was, lol!

    P.S.- thanks for your pm, Boom-the site wouldn't send my response; suffice to say, no hard feelings, I should have thought of a better moniker!

    Go Bucks!

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  • I know Ill be ruutin for Ruttgers over Pedo. Yer lucky to be able to pound them for the next 5 to 8 years before they rebuild. Run the score up while you got the chance.rockon

  • Don Bosco Prep is big time. Shonn Greene came out of there.

    Besides that we landed Malcolm Jenkins right out of Piscataway in that 2005 recruiting class. Had he been a few years younger he may have stayed home and played for Rutgers--esp since by then they were a program on the rise.

    Darrell Hazell, current Kent State H.C. and former Buckeye receivers coach is a NJ native and he had a hand in current class of 2013 commit Eli Woodard coming here. The now highly touted DB was in middle school when he first met Jim Tressel who was in the Garden State at the behest of Hazell for a coaching camp.
    Lest you also forget that the likes of Stanley Jackson, the late Jason Winrow and "The Assassin" Jack Tatum were some other NJ natives who've donned the Scarlet & Gray. So there's a bit of a connection here as well.

    Plus both have the scarlet connection. I think that they'll be put in the Leaders division with Ohio State and Penn State--esp since these are the two schools that are closer location wise than they'd be to the other B1G schools. It'd create more of a regional type synergy.

    But the B1G in general--even going back to the days of Barry Alvarez who recruited the NJ area well. And of course Nebraska even in their Big 8 days with Mike Rozier and members from the '90s teams.

    Most of all what adding Rutgers will do is keep that talent up here as opposed to a good many of them bolting south to the $EC and ACC--at least I hope. The untold story about how the $EC became king is that they, along with Pete Carroll at U$C nabbed the best talent out of the tri-state area in the previous decade. If the B1G can hold on to the talent in the northeast, it'll begin to turn the balance of power back in our region's favor for sure.

  • I agree.

  • 1st what is in the minds of these players???? I don't know, it's a new generation, but does these players see the championships, the teams with the best chance to win, is it the connection with the coaches, do these kids settle for these salesmans like recruiters????

    What is it???? Do they look at Saban and say absolutely I want to play in the top conference with the best coaches, or do they want to stay closer to home, and play in front of their families. I think it's a mixure of both. Some want to stay home, but many want to see trophies.

  • Since Schiano became coach, Rutgers' recruiting has stepped up. They've made the short list for a lot of good players but it's hard for jersey kids to get excited about playing UC, Louisville, USF, UConn, and Syracuse. Good players want to play with and against the best and the Big Least's teams aren't going to inspire that.

    Playing better competition, i.e., home games against the likes of PSU, OSU, scUM, and Nebraska while traveling to football meccas like State College, Columbus, Ann Arbor and Lincoln will help Rutgers with its recruiting. Nippert is a nice little stadium but it can't hold a sandal to the Shoe. biggrin

    I expect Rutgers to get better and be more competitive. Unlike Maryland, if they were a stock, they'd be trending upward but they'll need to make the financial investment in their athletic infrastructure to warrant the financial rewards. For their program and fans, this is like Oklahoma City getting an NBA franchise--it isn't a city you would pick to build one from scratch but it's done okay with the change of scenery, which infused much-needed excitement and energy into a tired brand. In their last year in Seattle, the Sonics averaged 13,400 fans per game; in its first year in Oklahoma City, the Thunder averaged 18,700 fans. Sometimes, a change of scenery provides an opportunity for a fresh start and joining the B1G may be just what the stock doc ordered for Rutgers.

  • I truly don't believe what conference you are in matters too much. BUT, facilities do, and with the $ bump Rutgers and UMD will enjoy, if they put some money into facilities then they may start to sway some of the recruits they would normally lose. But, the end result will be performance. If you start beating OSU, UM, recruits will take notice.

    On the other hand, Purdue has played OSU tough over the last 12 years and their recruiting blows.....And Wisky has gone to the Rose Bowl several times, and they still don't sign the high rated classes...

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  • Agree but disagree as well. B1G has been one of the richest conferences from the start. So why is the league trending downward and the rest going up. I agree you do need better facilities, but after 4 years (I believe BTN has been 4 maybe 3 not sure) ranging from 18-23 mill where are there upgraded facilities.

    To me it's about perception. Kids now a days look for the cool hip thing, the limelight, the attention grabber. This is not B1G. The B1G is stuck in that old mans traditional play it by the book mentality, and that's what's driving away recruits. I also think it's about coaching. Better coaching in the other conferences. Also about marketing as well. BTN is not a marketing tool. It's not.

  • PU's recruiting blows because Hope ignored his own backyard. They only have nine 2013 commits but just two are from Indiana, one's from Ohio, one's from Illinois. The others are from Georgia (3), Florida and Texas. Last year, they had 25 commits and only four were from Indiana, and only six from B1G states. West Lafayette is located 2 hours from downtown Chicago, 2 hours from the Indiana-Michigan state line, and one hour from Indianapolis. There are a lot of good football players within a 5-hour radius of West Lafayette. Their gridiron success came from being the innovators in a conference of followers, i.e., Joe Tiller's spread when everyone else was trying to match muscles with OSU and scUM. And they complemented that with fundamental blue collar/lunch pail defense.

    Wisconsin owns its state. It's virtually impossible to take an in-state recruit from them and they have little trouble taking the best out of Minnesota. They recruit Chicago and Ohio religiously. They get a few from outside the Midwest but it's largely a team built on cornfed beef, potatoes and cheese. Bielema's great at developing offensive linemen. They could run that "barge" wildcat with James White and Monte Ball lined up behind seven OLs all day long. Between their starting five OLs plus reserve tackle Tyler Marz and reserve guard Zac Matthias as the sixth and seventh linemen, the total amount of weight of their O-line was 2,268 pounds, an average of 324 pounds per lineman. That's over a ton 'a cushion that's pushin'. Throw in two TEs at 250 pounds each and you're up to 2,500 pounds. And that doesn't include White and Ball.

  • I'll be more interested in this thread when Rutgers is actually "on the rise."

    Probably around the same time when Minnesota and Indiana start taking off....which will be never.

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  • I do believe the Biggest thing the schools in the conference have to do is open the checkbook and bring in the coaches kids want to play for, and have heard of. In order to get those coaches, a lot of the Big schools have to upgrade their facilities.

    Exhibit A: BB leaves Wisky after 7 years, 3 Rose Bowls to go to the SEC. It's all about the dollars the school is willing to spend to get coaches. If the BIG does get a good young coach that starts to make a name for himself, the SEC will come in and pay him and he's gone. There has to be a reason to stay in the BIG, so it comes down to investing in themselves. It's pretty short sided of schools to try to be cheap with their football program when it can fund all of their other sports if given the chance.

  • The problem with expansion is that we get threads like this on the board now.

    Can't wait for MD fans to start posting.

    And Virginia Southern Community College fans too, I hear Delany is courting them for when the Big Depot gets over 40 teams.

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