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Sue Paterno's letter about JoePa, still trying to live in denial

  • Yes, the whole issue of PSU fans, alunmi and anyone else associated with the program doing their best to whitewash history and claim that Joe Paterno did nothing wrong during the Sandusky scandal is nothing new, but this letter takes it one step further because it's from Joe's wife, who hasn't publicly spoken about the scandal in a year or so. The letter goes through all the regular excuses PSU fans make but the striking thing for me is that a year after his death and more than a year after he was fired they're still doing all they can to build an alternate reality where their god JoePa did nothing wrong and it was only other, evil people who brought the good coach down.

    I think this makes for a good comparison between PSU fans and most other fanbases, for example us. When Tressel left and the sactions came down there were all sorts of reactions from fans, from those in denial that he actually lied to those who tried to whitewash that fact because he won lots of games and those who at least somewhat accepted it, but a couple of years on I don't think there's much debate within the OSU fanbase that although Tressel was a great coach what he did was wrong and he should've been punished for it (although of course plenty of people still whine about the sanctions). With PSU it's different, sure they complain about the sanctions just like everyone else would, but they are different in that they have made a concerted effort against a tidal wave of evidence showing that JoePa was complicit in the cover up to try to restore his forever-tarnished legacy despite the fact that the man allowed a known child rapist to continue his crimes in order to protect the program. This is far different than what Tressel did of course, child rape is a far cry from lying about tattoos but it changes nothing for PSU fans who continue to try to lie to themselves and everyone else about what their cult leader did. That place is about as close as you can get to a cult in college football and those people are just sick.

    Sue Paterno defends late husband Joe Paterno

    In letter, Sue Paterno defends late husband Sue Paterno defends late husband Joe Paterno in letter to former Penn State football players
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  • Real world comparison. What Tressel did was like skipping work and heading to the strip club without telling your wife. What Paterno did is like driving the get away car for a rapist for a decade and then getting your wife to lie about your whereabouts. Not even in the same stratosphere.

  • Will this crap ever end. They need to just deal with the truth!!!

  • Do my eyes deceive me? shrug

    Are you actually trying to compare not telling the authorities that your kids got free tats to..........a cover-up of 20+ years of child molestation? Did you forget that Sandusky is in jail serving a 60 yr. sentence, but somehow in your mind the situations are the same, thus the fan base response can be compared. Really?

    Please tell me I misunderstood what you were trying to say?

    Are you attempting to equivocate a situation where there was no crime committed by Coach Tressel. However, Joe Paterno knowingly hid the fact that his right hand man was a well known child molester. Did you forget that there are payments going out to +7 victims from the University and that there was actual testimony where these victims graphically described their attack?


    Dude you need to banned right now!!!

    Unbelievable. I know that this your third month on the board, but you need to stop posting.


    And just so you know, no the two situations are nothing alike so your comments are asinine.

    This post was edited by BuckNasty_MD 14 months ago

    East Coast Player Known for Knocking Fools Out One At A Time!

  • Dude, calm the hell down and learn to comprehend what you're reading before you shoot off at the mouth and make yourself look like a dumbass. The only reason I brought Tressel up is to compare the reaction between each fanbase in each situation to highlight how insane the PSU fanbase is and how different they are from other fanbases (and not in a good way).

    Read it again and try to comprehend this time.

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  • No need to calm down because you made the dumb ass comparison. Maybe you should
    try being a smart ass on another board cock wad?

    Maybe that third grade education didn't allow you form a cohesive argument? Maybe its your poor ass sentence structure or
    second grader formulation of arguments? shrug

    Either you don't know the facts of both cases or you are just a got damn simpleton. Like I said, the two situations are NOTHING alike and your
    glossing over the facts to make an argument like an 8 yr. old is telling.

    Like I need to be banned cause you simply are an idiot.


    This post was edited by BuckNasty_MD 14 months ago

    East Coast Player Known for Knocking Fools Out One At A Time!

  • Fucking moron.

    I'll spell out what I said so someone as idiotic as you can understand: OSU fans accepted that what Tressel did was wrong even if they still remember him as a great coach, which is the reaction that most fanbases seem to have when their coach gets busted for doing something wrong. PSU fans on the other hand have done all they can to deny what Paterno did and many still hold him up on a ridiculously high pedestal, even as what he did was far worse than anything Tressel or just about any other coach has done.

    My point was NOT that the Tressel and Paterno situations are similar but that comparing the reaction of the OSU fanbase and the PSU fanbase shows just how insane and cultish the culture at PSU is.

    Now dumbass, is that easy enough for you to understand or does someone need to draw a picture out for you? Seriously, how stupid can you be? Who in their right mind would say that what Tressel did is even remotely close to Paterno? Nobody, that's who. If anyone needs to be banned it's you for sheer stupidity and such an epic fail at basic reading comprehension and for being such a douche bag about it. Next time you want to insult someone make sure they're the one being the dumbass, not yourself.

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  • coffee

    Look here limp wrist, your comparison and logic are flawed, so you continue to embarrass yourself as the snot nosed prick that you appear to be.

    Your argument was dumb to begin with and now you are mad because I exposed you for being a half wit/ illogical kunt that can't seem to argue a case. 8th grade logic, ignorant ass comparisons and just plain idiotic reasoning.

    Dude you are a dumb muthafracka, so you need to quit while you are in the act.

    Your dumb ass position has been ignored to this point, which should be a clear and dead give away that only you are dumb enough to try to compare the Paterno case to the Tressel case!! So again've failed to convince even yourself. You certainly haven't convinced me which is why I raised your skirt and called your dumb ass out!!!


    Stop being a pussy and such a prick, and try to come with a cogent argument next time limp wrist, effeminate ass boy!! If you are going to stay on this board you are going to have to do much better than this. Now run along before I find you and beat that ass!!


    This post was edited by BuckNasty_MD 14 months ago

    East Coast Player Known for Knocking Fools Out One At A Time!


  • LOL, looks like we've got a badass here! Lots of tough guy talk from an idiot hiding behind a keyboard.

    Seriously, I already explained my point and that I am not saying that what Tressel did and Paterno did were even close. I was comparing the reaction from the fanbases to show how crazy the PSU fans are and in order to do that one must find a situation of somewhat similar circumstances in order to measure people's reaction to them and then compare the two. Since what Paterno did is completely unprecedented and has no even remotely close equivalent from anyone we have to make do with what we have and since we are OSU fans I thought using the Tressel situation, even though it's nothing on the scale of what Paterno did, to compare since we can all relate to it. I am not and never did say that Tressel is as bad as Paterno (and if you think I did, please feel free to quote where I did), I was simply using the two situations as a comparison to show how different and insane the PSU fans are compared to us or other fanbases.

    Now if you want to keep acting like a massive douche bag then go right ahead but I think I've explained my point quite thoroughly (and way more than I should've had to) and that I'm not and never did say what you're accusing me of because it would be ridiculous for anyone to do so.

    And please, go right ahead and keep up the internet tough guy talk and threats when you've already shown yourself to be a complete and utter idiot talking shit from behind a keyboard. You show up to my house and you won't beat my ass, you'll get a fucking 9mm bullet to your skull.

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  • You'll have to excuse Nasty, ATAT. He's obviously as defensive about Tressel as Sue Paterno is about Joe.

    The tragedy in all this to me is these fucking State Ped fans have created such a delusional world, that they admired the wins and perceived contributions of Joe the Enabler, more than they seem to feel any empathy for all the victims. They feel as if it's been the university, and by extension themselves as fans, that are now being victimized. This poor, crazy old woman will have to live with her denial for the remainder of her days. I'll bet if Joe knew what he was going to put his wife through, he might've actually called the police. Just more of the wages of his sin.

    This post was edited by godhatesusall 14 months ago

  • hard to take you seriously with all the cartoon characters and name calling.

  • I think this lady (and I use the term losely) should go into hiding and keep her big mouth shut. The more she mouths off the dumber she makes herself look. It's plain and simple JOE KNEW and for anyone to think he didn't better make an appointment with Dr. Phil.
    To even think someone in Jo pa's position did not know what was going on is like saying he is the dumbest SOB to ever breath fresh air and should never have had the job in the first place.
    I'm also of the belief that I find it extremely questionable that Jo Pa got lung cancer so sudden and died from it so sudden when it was never mentioned before the scandal? shrug
    It's OVER...these people need to get a life. wave


    Just like the rest of the PeeSU fan base! The school and its leaders aren't stupid. This is the battle they began to plan last summer. Everything else is just now falling into place. The lawsuits, lil' Ms. Sue's impassioned letter which is going to be followed up by the family's "personal" investigation into the Freeh report by their own lawyer and lil' Ms. Sue's interview with Katie Couric Monday morning. This has all been a calculated, planned response since last year. PeeSU (itself) has backed off with the NCAA and are letting others fight their battle for them. Pretty smart, I must admit. The school has also hired a few new trustees, sympathetic to the Paterno family and the football program. These idiots just won't let it go and try to heal. This is the most compelling evidence yet that the most important thing in those fools minds is the football team and Paterno's reputation and records, not the victims. MY GOD THIS IS SHAMEFUL! In my book it is this simple; who is more credible, Louis Freeh, or a shyster attorney the Paterno family hired? Remember, Freeh was the former head of the FBI that PeeSU hired, and paid for this investigation. He was impartial and had no reason at all to do a poor job. Just like a defense attorney for an obviously guilty client, the Paterno family attorney has every reason in the world to use technicalities to debate and cover real evidence and happenings, just like the lawsuits are attempting to do. Any respect I ever had for that school & it's program's past history is completely gone and it's NEVER coming back! Football first, Football always! That's the motto in Crappy Valley! Those poor business, vendors and shoppe owners over there. Mean old NCAA!

    This post was edited by BIGBUCK20 14 months ago

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  • Sorry I got no link, but I read somewhere yesterday that the court was looking to dismiss their latest case for some reason. Didn't read it closely, just saw it real quick. If that is the deal, funny this letter garbage is just now coming out. What a tire-fire "they are".

  • They are all excited about this letter and lawsuit. Rumor has it if they win lawsuit the NCAA will prob just award the bcs title from last year for restitution. After all, they are....

  • Without digging up the whole PSU stuff, I am curious as to what this report is going to say, and not say.

    There were people other than PSU diehards that were critical of the Feesch (sp) report. He did editorialize in the report and took a writers liberty in his choice of words.

    Merited? Perhaps. But I always wanted to see another Independent report to corroborate the findings.

    "man we got some fuckin weirdos on this site." - Davebucknut 9/5/13 post of the year

  • Not me. I formed my own opinion a long time ago. The way I see it is these idiots knew what was going on and did nothing about it. There is only 2 reasons in my mind. They were either promoting it, or they were protecting their own image. That's it. Any other findings mean nothing to me. other reports with additional information about the type of socks JoePa preferred or anything else doesn't change those initial facts. And IMO these lawsuits with them trying to get their schollies back is even more proof that their football image is still more important to them then anything else.
    That and I guess I'm sick of hearing about it. Total embarrassment for the B1G.

  • This BS is why they should have gotten the death penalty. The sanctions were meant to "change the culture" relative to the football program - do the sanctions appear to be having that affect? Here is what I think is the best, most succinct explanation that I have seen - and it is from the NCAA's motion to dismiss the PA Gov's lawsuit:

    Plaintiff contends that these sanctions exceed the NCAA’s appropriate role as the regulator of college athletics, and that Sandusky’s conduct is merely a criminal matter. But the Consent Decree is not about Jerry Sandusky; it is addressed to the behavior of senior University officials, including the former head football coach, who learned of evidence of Sandusky’s crimes and chose not to act—for reasons that, as Penn State has acknowledged, included an inappropriate culture of reverence for the football program and a desire to protect it. The NCAA and its member institutions are entitled to conclude that they do not want to condone a culture that places athletics above reporting crimes against children. Plaintiff’s suggestion that these sanctions have nothing to do with the regulation of athletic competition ignores this obvious and direct interest of the NCAA and its members.

    This post was edited by CGHSBuck 14 months ago


  • SIR, THERE IS NO COMPARISON...........NADA, NONE...............ZILCTH.......sure, I respect JT, to this very day, he made a mistake and TOOK his punishment like a man................I live in C-BUS and I never witnessed all-nite vigils, I never witnessed prayers at a statue..............I never witnessed a card-board cut-out of JT being hauled out fot the next riot...............WE, as a fan base have accepted the penalties place against "our" BUCKEYES" and have climbed back up and we are moving on...................BUT, I will NEVER allow a comparison to be made with that sick CRIME that happened EAST of here. Have you seen a BUCKEYE sue the NCAA???????(over this matter)

    This post was edited by devoutbuckeye 14 months ago

  • If you go to any Penn State forum (24/7,Scout, Rivals, Black Shoe, etc.), they are absolutely obsessed with clearing Penn State's and Paterno's name. They feel there has been a historic injustice done to them and there are routinely seven to ten threads revolving around this issue. The number of replies is crazy high. While most of us have moved on (not forgotten) to what happened, some Penn State fans haven't. While I'll be interested to see what "evidence" has come to light to attempt to clear their names, I just don't know how you square the circle knowing that Sandusky, after he resigned/retired/was fired was allowed to bring young boys in full view of every Penn State official on road trips and to bowl games. He was even in a Penn State stadium suite for the game Paterno became the winningest coach in NCAA history. It's always hard to tell what percentage of the total Penn State fanbase these forum postings represent, but it certainly is troubling with the number and tone of the threads.

  • All of this lawyer and judge and governor and senator and everything else garbage means nothing. This idiot and his idiot ways was not only covered up, but it was allowed to continue to protect the football deal, protect their recruiting, and protect the Hitler style icon that was JoePa. And they are still doing it. That dump needs shut down. Now!


    Without a doubt! Again, Louis Freeh was hired by PeeSU to do an impartial investigation into what happened and how. Now, the fans & alums just cant handle the honest truth! Whatever a shyster attorney hired by Paterno's widow finds to indicate anything contrary will be bogus, tainted, spun and turned into complete legal, red herring bullshit. The best thing these morons could have done was to take the punishment, help the victims, and move forward. BUT NOOOOOOOO, their football team and it's tainted, dead ass coach didn't do anything wrong! Like I've said since this news about lawsuits and all the rest of this shockingly insane garbage hit just proves Freeh's point. The football/ Paterno first culture controlled everything. No mater what happens with this legally, as far as I'm concerned it's game, set, match in favor of the victims & the NCAA! Just keep on running your yaps PeeSU! This is gonna be fun when you dig yourselves an even bigger shit hole than you are already in!

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    Hear, hear! The NCAA did them a favor so now the ped protecting punks want to play the i-dot, t-cross legal game. The best they can hope for is the court will say, "Okay, NCAA you need to go in and do another investigation." Then the NCAA can go in and hammer their whinny asses for every $20.00 handshake, and hamburger purchased for a girls ping-pong team member. You know it happened.....only those imbeciles in Cow Shit Valley don't realize it.

    What I'd really love to see is the B!G tell this corrupt cult of pedophile protectors to get lost. Go to the Big Least, Awful Coast Conference, or be an independent like Notre Lame. Hell, these idiots think they are above everyone else anyway! I know this: I sure as hell don't want to see my PA tax dollars go to defend this filthy program and it's dead, tainted coach!

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  • Beautiful. Well spoken! +1 my bro!