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The Fastest Show on Turf

  • “We felt like we were pretty deficient last year in terms of getting the ball in space and really doing a lot of damage,” said OSU offensive coordinator Tom Herman, who was instrumental in helping Meyer land a playmaker like Wilson out of DeSoto, Texas.

    “We’re going against a corner or a safety or even a linebacker at times, and we can’t make that guy miss. The premise of a spread offense is to not play football in a phone booth and spread people out and create one-on-one mismatches.”

    “Big plays are a problem for us. We didn't have the home-run hitter explosiveness, open-space players on offensive, but you know what? Some guys really grew up and did a good job for us,” Meyer said on National Signing Day.

    “Philly Brown did a nice job. We don't have enough. When you run into an offense where you can split guys all the time and you only have one or two, that's not enough.”

    While Meyer won’t copy exactly what Kelly was doing in Eugene, he will try to utilize players like Dontre Wilson – a kid who had 2,600 yards and 46 touchdowns last year – the way they were planning to use him at Oregon.

    “He brings all that to the table. He’s a kid who primarily played running back at DeSoto, but he’s a very dynamic athlete,” said OSU running backs coach Stan Drayton, who coached guys like Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps at Florida.

    “His track times are national times. He could be a collegiate track athlete and be an all American, he’s that fast. But he can put his foot in the ground and change direction. We’re so excited to have him in this system because that was one of the missing pieces to the puzzle with the spread we run here.”

    Put those pieces together with Braxton Miller and that puzzle could look a lot like early January in Pasadena.

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    "Any board that would ban 3yds is worthless" - godhatesusall

  • we have braxton, hyde, philly, devin smith, jordan hall, 4 o-linemen, and heuerman and vannett back. who are we replacing? stoneburner...a bust. boren...moved to linebacker halfway through the season, and fragel, who was battled by decker all the way through fall camp. throw in rod smith, dunn, spencer, thomas, and this year's recruiting class on top of our schedule, i don't want to get my hopes up too high but there's no reason we shouldn't be tagging 60 on a couple big 10 teams.

    our offense will be it's own worst enemy this year because the only team that can stop us is ourselves.

  • The better your team the more plays ypu should try to run per game ... Duh this is basic mathematix

  • I am agreeing with the need for a more explosive offense but man didn't we average like 36 or so points a game? To be sure I'm not complaining or disagreeing with anything regarding the need for more playmakers. I am simply loving the fact that Urban and Co. are not satisfied. They really want to hang 70 on

  • That 36/game avg is Tressel-like.

    We should expect and want an all-time great offense here so we can stop talking about '06 as if that was a wide open and unstoppable attack.

    To me a great offense is one that can score from anywhere on the field at any moment. The type when even if a defense is able to take something away that you'll have something else within your arsenal to pull out and succeed with.

    Nowhere was this more glaring than in the games against the likes of Cal, UAB, UCF, Purdue and even UAB to some extent. Those teams had ballers on offense. Guys who just played tough, strong and with relentless effort--no matter what their record as a team was. We on the other hand, outside of Braxton didn't.

  • Thanks for the article 3! With a year under everybodies belt and those new ELITE speedsters we're gonna murder death kill B1G defenses. Very exciting

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