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'The Walrus'

  • That's right. Nobody should ever judge what a coach does. Especially when hiring other coaches/friends. Just like Tress bc we're just fans who know nothing....except you. Got it

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  • He's Bollmans son

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  • i know jim bollman isnt a very good coach off of we lost 4 starters from last years team on the line, multiple year starters (3 of them 5 stars) who got worse between their junior and senior years with bollman as their coach compared to this years line which was pretty damn good. also know that bollman's o line at bc was pathetic. 115 rank for rushing the ball.

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  • He must have cried himself to sleep every night as a kid.

  • Ten years of horrible results enough data?

  • Razorback

    Yeah, just saw this news. I am honestly in shock. Time will tell if he will be blindly loyal to his assistants at the expense of the team. I had hoped Hazell would show himself to be like Meyer and go out and try to find the best assistants he could possibly find for each position, but that appears to be a negatory.

  • Not that it matters, but I'm pretty sure they all hang out on

  • Razorback

    These are very good points --

    Just looking at the difference from Bollman's senior year of the Brew Crew (all 3 were 5-star recruits) to 2012 under Warriner where Warriner literally had a completely new line with the exception of Marcus Hall at RG. He had a converted TE playing RT, a previous-year LG now playing a critical position at LT, a brand new Center, and Norwell moved to LG from LT and we had one of the best lines in the conference, with a BRAND NEW OFFENSE that none of these kids were used to running at the FBS level -- that is just staggering.

  • Razorback

    I was just reading some of the threads over at 11W on this...some funny responses -- it should be interesting to watch us vs Purdue in the coming years. I bet Vrabel is just licking his chops now. You guys remember the playbook throwing incident in 2011 between Vrabel & Bollman that was reported here at Bucknuts?

  • that 03 BCS title was horrible indeed....

    All I said was hey maybe Darrell Hazell knows more football than everyone on this board, including Dave Biddles Barber that writes BH

    we have always been able to run block for 10 years..when you pass alot of things fall into the equation.

    1. QB doesn't pre snap read, Wr drops the ball, QB doesn't go through his progressions or settle for his check down.

    Blaming bollman for all our issues or soo called 10 years is unwarranted, we aren't going to win every game, 17 & 18 year olds aren't always going to show up..

    There are alot of factors that go into winning or losing.

    Can't have a logical convo with these guys, no am Bollmans son .. He recruited your whole current O line, TE or not fragel was a lineman, seldomly used as a pass threat, except in that sugar bowl..

    like Urban said, when they 1st came in they under estimated alot of guys on the team, maybe they were dejected from losing their Head Coach.. Who knows they are human..

    Btw all those guys were bollmans guys this year, granted they didn't face a crazy incredible D line, but they held their own...

    Of you really think Coaches are magicians & can turn around a unit in 1 year, with no previous talent or to say wack recruits or MAC talent you are smoking something..

    Ask how Audrey Walker & Hendersons are doing.. Or you can drink that same bucknuts Kool aid that told you we were going to shock the world in 2011 after losing our Head Coach & Howard Island crap..

    Also you can blame Warriner & Herman for not putting more than 34 points on horrible SCUM , when we clearly could have blown them out..

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    Too logical, too obvious, too simple, therefore unacceptable to this board...

  • i dont do research for people (not just you). i share what ive read, you can take it into account or not.

    "man we got some fuckin weirdos on this site." - Davebucknut 9/5/13 post of the year

  • DID they face a JJ watt ? Or Graham a Derrick Harvey, Glenn Dorsey ......
    Wilfork? Anyone ?

    You are comparing 10 years to 1..
    thats not a fair comparison, I will reserve judgement till after 10 years

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    Too logical, too obvious, too simple, therefore unacceptable to this board...

  • Well, besides Jim Tressel and D. Hazell, some other coaches thought he was good enough to hire.

    From the OSU site a couple of years ago:

    Coaching Assignments:
    2001- Present Offensive Coordinator, Offensive Line Ohio State University
    1999-2000 Tight Ends Chicago Bears
    1998 Tight Ends Philadelphia Eagles
    1995-1997 Offensive Line Michigan State University
    1991-1994 Offensive Line University of Virginia
    1989-1990 Offensive Coordinator Youngstown State University
    1986-1988 Defensive Coordinator Youngstown State University
    1985 Assistant Head Coach, Linebackers North Carolina State University
    1983-1984 Assistant Head Coach, Offensive Line North Carolina State University
    1978-1982 Offensive Line Miami University (Ohio)
    1977 Graduate Assistant Miami University (Ohio)

    The feeling I got form what I have read, Chuck, is that he is very good technically but not much of a motivator. You may recall that JT had to step in on a couple of occasions to fire up the boys on the O-line. You may also recall that Peterson took over the tackle & tight end responsibilities for the last two years with Tressel.

    Many experienced coaches, like LaCharles Bentley have praised Bollman for his smarts. And, of course we all know that his last year with JT we rushed for 240 yards per game and averaged almost 40 points per game losing only to Arkansas. I think number 17 in the country in rushing)

    And, JT and Peterson determined the number of O-lineman who were recruited each year. If you don't like who he recruited, that's certainly legitimate, but those same guys played this year and will be playing next year too.

    Bolls might not have been the sharpest toll in the shed but (with JT) he was part of a coaching staff that had years of success here at OSU.

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  • We actually have people on here defending my man Jimmy. What has this world come to. What's next in line - "Joe Bauserman was a great QB here at OSU" thread - please start this one.

  • great qb for souvineirs

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  • Razorback

    You can reserve judgement all you want, that is certainly your right. I've seen Bollman coach here for ten years. I've watched every game, and I've watched every game far more than a single time. Sure, there are always exceptions (Nick Mangold comes to mind), but beyond the few exceptions of Bollman's tenure, his lines have exhibited pretty consistent demonstrations of bad technique, lack of fire / energy / nastiness, and a lack of discipline.

    Here is a great article with facts that covers Bollman's shortcomings in a more complete fashion than I ever could:

    As I said, you're more than welcome to reserve judgement, but I think those of us who have been watching this team for as long as we have, probably have more than enough data on Bollman to formulate the seeming majority negative opinion on his results.

    Count me in the camp that's sort of happy that he's a position coach of an opponent squad that's in our division in the Big Ten. If being fired two years in a row hasn't taught him anything, hopefully that will equate to an easier time dominating Purdue's OL for the foreseeable future. I love Hazell, and I wish him success, but I think he made a really bad choice with this hire. Maybe like Tressel, Hazell will be a good enough offensive coordinator to carry Bollman and work around his failures, but only time will tell.

    And I suppose in defense of Hazell he probably didn't have the budget to hire a good OL coach and had to make some concessions in some places in order to get a staff in place. I just hope it doesn't cost him in the long run because I'd really like to see him succeed.

    Edit: just adding in some additional links for informational purposes --
    "The offensive line struggled mightily for BC in 2012 and many debate how much of the fault lies with Bollman. True he did not recruit the current players, but it's hard to defend him when there were countless plays where linemen were either out of place or completely blew their assignments. The result of this mess? Chase Rettig was sacked 34 times, which put BC 104th in the country in sacks allowed. "

    This post was edited by Razorback 18 months ago

  • look I watched the games, a bunch of articles aren't going to make me pick up pitchforks and make a specific coach a villian and blame him for all the losses & problems with out program.

    Not Boarding house, not eleven warriors, you can criticize me for having a different opinion, but that's what message boards are for..

    Can't force me to walk in line and hate on someone , when losing & winning are team efforts ..especially those two BCS titles, yes I would have loved a 2nd title but sometimes the cards do not fall right into your hands..

    BC isn't Ohio State.. as far as he shouldn't get another job, its now Darrell Hazzell is a fool.. he worked with him for 10 years, he knows more than we do, so why should we judge.

    I get the need for a villian & someone to blame as far as these media guys, of course they are going to stir the pot, sometimes to make us feel better and also to get hits & sell memberships.

    10 years 1 BCS title played in 3 Championship games.. 5-3 in BCS games... with a hell of a running game & running backs.. you can't discount that not going to let 1 year of 6-7 and a bunch of suspensions and losing our head coach ..let me throw people who have dedicated their lives to Buckeye Nation.

    They can shove those articles up their ass..Is not like we are starting true freshmen on the O-line because what he left cannot perform..

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    Too logical, too obvious, too simple, therefore unacceptable to this board...

  • may not be that Warriner is so much better than Bollman as it is that Mariotti is so much better than Lichter.

  • Razorback

    As I said, you're welcome to your opinion, and if you don't like the facts, that's ok, too. No big deal. I'm not really worried about whether you agree with the majority or not. This is a messageboard, and different opinions are sort of the expectation. :)

    But let's put some things into perspective. Jim Tressel was the offensive play-caller and offensive designer (until the 2011 season obviously) with some limited input from both Hazell (once he joined the staff) and Bollman. Bollman simply had the title of coordinator, and coached the line. He did nothing with regard to the running backs, and it's been reported by numerous insiders that he did very little recruiting. Most of that was handled by Tressel also.

    You want to say that BC "isn't Ohio State" -- I'm not sure exactly what you're implying there beyond stating the obvious, but one thing I think that's interesting that we can draw from the fact that "BC isn't Ohio State" is that at Ohio State, ~75% (sometimes more) of our schedule is played against teams with inferior talent. At BC most games will be played on a similar playing field in the talent department, and I think that is pretty telling as far as Bollman's ability to coach. Obviously Spaziani fired the previous OL coach at BC when hiring Bollman as the new OL coach & Running game coordinator -- and the rushing game actually got worse. The OL play also did not improve and from the articles I've read coming out of BC sites, it sounds like it actually got worse but I will admit I don't follow BC football very closely. So without the cushion of a talent-favored schedule, we saw even more definitively how bad Bollman was.

    We can certainly agree to disagree, but I'll side with what the available data (and my eyes) tells us.

  • Actually when it comes to Bollman, yes you can discount those great seasons. The numbers of wins and losses don't tell the whole story. People like you seem to just look at wins and think they were all won in a vacuum where every team OSU played was awesome and therefore Bollman must be great. Let's look at the facts about Bollman: OSU had a great record under Tressel because we consistently had a great defense (not Bollman's area) while having an offense that usually underachieved based on the amount of talent (especially the o-line where every OSU QB after Krenzel had to be mobile or was in for painful days, ex. Todd Boeckman and Bauserman). 2005 and 2006 were exceptions until we ran into the buzzsaw that was Florida and were exposed for the slow, overweight team that we were at the time.

    For most of Tressel's tenure at OSU the B1G was just awful, meaning lots of games against teams with inferior talent where the o-line's weakness was partially covered up but we still had problems with pass protection. Once we got Pryor he was constantly running for his life because the o-line couldn't block to save their lives but thankfully for us he was able to make ridiculous plays out of them and save the offense time and again, again covering for the weakness of the o-line. When we played great teams like LSU or Florida our poor o-line play was exposed. 2011 was the year that all of those weaknesses of the o-line were painfully fully exposed for everyone to see when Tressel and Pryor weren't there to right the ship that Bollman was sinking.

    When trying to evaluate any coach you have to put their record in the context of the situation that it took place in, which you aren't doing. Simply saying that "Well the coach won lots of games and so therefore must be good" is jumping a huge logical chasm. If the coach is generally playing against inferior talent while relying on a great defense which they have nothing to do with and struggles much of the time on offense, even with a freak athlete at QB, then their record probably doesn't mean as much as you want it too.

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  • I won't even talk about Pryor, dude couldn't read defenses to save his life, or any pre snap reads or take his check downs consistently until the bowl games, where we saw he excelled, when he took his check downs and took what the defense gave him. He relied on his athleticism more than his football acumen. If he got contained and sucked that is bollman's fault.

    2011- not even going to talk about that season, clearly he wasn't the OC, just held the title.. Given Miller was frosh & he even struggled for almost every 2 qtrs and played 1 whole qtr and looked stagnant at times & sacking himself..not scambling when he needed to & never taking his check downs & pre-determining where he wanted to go even before the snaps.. not all his fault, he had drops also.

    2011- please no matter what anyone tells you about, talent, that season was going to be awful, look at Arkansas & even the saints without their Head Coaches...then Boarding House came out with that shock the world going 12-0, Howard bullshit..and we have more talent than everyone in the B1G, total BS that season was doomed from the start as soon as Tress got fired.

    Back to the 2007 BCS title game.. we were clicking on offense with that beanie 79 yard TD run..don't give the O-line credit for hat on hat ..that was all Beanie wells right ? wrong.. robiskie drops a sure TD pass to go up 17-0 shift in momentum, well there was a false start(But still, they happen).

    2007 a young team going against a veteran LSU team.. yes we shot ourselves with mistakes and penalties..Austin spitler roughing the passer all that.. I am a homer to, but that game wasn't on the O line.

    2006 Florida , you can believe all you want that Florida's SEC speed and all that .. But that team was really unprepared, Idk know what they thought believing their press clippings, Troy wins the hgeisman we looked unbeatable coming off #1 vs #2 matchups..with SCUM.

    Troy determined to be a pocket passer, Ted ginn goes down in the 1st after that huge kick return (Did I say you need some luck to win a BCS title) ask Urban, that changes the whole dynamic on defense all they had to cover was Gonazales....Robinskie was a frosh I think and who else ? Hartline- inexperince ... of course with Ginn out (Troy Smiths favorite target ) makes things alot easier for the defense pin your head back and rush the QB, you expect the O line to hold up when Smith is holding on to the ball when he only has 1 Wr who is double covered ?

    Like I said I watch the games, fat , slow sloppy blaming one coach is really stupid, especiallly for 2011, like the bucknuts majority over here..I had already braced myself for an awful season.

    2010 was our best year for the BCS title, but we all know what happened in Madison..JJ WAtt was a beast , seeing what he is doing in the NFL & our D couldn't stop Clay ..momentum was theirs the whole game..blame special teams also ..

    Shugarts - yes I can blame bollman for that ..whether it was his injury or he just had to get it out of his system Idk ..but he also had experience..

    You can say the B1G was down all you want, the first 5 years -you are going to discount that also ?

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    Too logical, too obvious, too simple, therefore unacceptable to this board...

  • We like Hazell, it is The idiot Bollman we hate. We hate that Hazell made this huge mistake. We would have liked to have seen him be successful at Purdue and add to Big10 relevence, but this will prove to be a stupid move.

  • Like I said, funny how you guys think you know more than the actual professionals just because you read inside info from bucknuts & dave b's Barber.. who else ramzy.. Those guys know more football than Darrell Hazell ?

    Time will tell, just because you had a pre-conceived notion doesn't mean its true... I still expect Hazzell to be successful.

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    Too logical, too obvious, too simple, therefore unacceptable to this board...

  • im amazed anyone can defend jim bollman. does he know more about football than us? probably. is he a good coach? no. dont even know how people can make a logical argument for him

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  • Thinking the same thing.