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  • The only thing I can say to you is the 2002 NC season our offense was last in the Big Ten and we won with defense during JT's run. His offense sucked and like I said a million times OSU just had better talent then the rest of the Big Ten but when the ent was close or equal we struggled. I will say between JT and Bollman they both had no clue how to call a game on offense.

    BTW give Urban a few years before you complain about putting 35 on Michigan.

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  • LOL, anyone in here that can defend JB has had a concussion and needs to submit their brain to the NFL for evaulation.

  • No.

    What he's doing is re-forming Tressel's Buckeye Band. He's recreating the '05-'10 era Buckeyes only in West Lafayette.
    Buckeyes West in other words.

    Not only is Bollman rumored to be back on board but former LB'er Marcus Freeman already is. He'll be their LB'ers coach. Now all we'll need is for Hazell to complete the task by hiring Fickell away so he can become their D-coordinator/co-D-coordinator with John Heacock, Jim's brother.

  • If you believe that Warriner came in and fixed 10 years worth of damage ..with duct-tape and his magical coaching skills are not a logical thinker either..

    everything was way over-blown..happens when you go 6-7, everyone starts pointing fingers..or throwing playbooks.. lol ..

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    Too logical, too obvious, too simple, therefore unacceptable to this board...

  • GHbuck, there can be debates on Urban, Tressel, how are defense or offense is, what schemes, or lack of calls, the schedule, the B1G conference itself, but no way are you winning this debate my friend.

    This is like you stirring up a bee hives nest in a phone booth, and not getting out of it without being F up.

    We can speculate on all the coaches we have or had, but most of us know that my man Jimmy Bolls was one of the worst we had.

  • Hazel hiring him was only one or two things.
    1. He had no other option. Everyone else turned him down because its Purdue.
    2. Hazel is a complete idiot and wants to go back to a MAC school to coach. What a bad hire. There has to be a OL coach out there looking for work that is better.
    tOSU OL sucked under Bollman. Especially recruiting. Get the 5* in and never teach him a damn thing!!!

  • B.C. averaged 3.1 yards per carry. This number includes QBs rushing yardage, which was like -1 to -2 yards per carry.

  • you want the honest truth..

    As on OC you probably have a point, I don't know much about offensive lines or football per say. Yeah this is a debate I know isn't going anywhere with you guyz, I know..

    My thing is, its not my job to pick up pitch forks to a point where you guys are following his success at BC or saying he should never get another job and Basically Darrell Hazzel doesn't know what he is doing..or Jim Tressell is a fool for hiring him..

    We look at things from a win & losses perspective and if 6-7 season never happen, alot of people will feel different about his other 9 years here.

    Aside from that horrific 6-7 season, and the 2 BCS title losses & maybe USC in pasedena, where beanie was out. No one can tell me why I should hate the guy & why he shouldn't get a job.

    But am hearing all this praise for Warriner, mainly because our expectations were so low, I guess..

    But hey I'll wait 10 years for Warriner's guys to come in and see how they perform. But for now I can't hate the guy just because of 1 season..

    A couple of articles & stuff aren't going to make me get on the witch hunt Bandwagon.. when we run the ball against everyone.. you can say Beanie & Clarrett were beast.. But Saine had a good season in 2009 , Boom Herron had lanes, Carlos Hyde had lanes.. these guys are Run Blockers like we saw this season.. you have to give me something more than Public perception after 6-7.

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    Too logical, too obvious, too simple, therefore unacceptable to this board...

  • I see your point. I look at it in a different way. I don't look at the wins/loses, or the stars next to their names. It's the eye test, and production on the field. For 10 years, (there might have been a couple of decent years in there) that Jim Boll had OK years, but the rest was garbage.

    Now on Hazell, no one is saying that he is really a moron for doing this, I think most on here are saying this as a joke, because of the hatred of Jimmy Bolls. I guess we will see, since we play them every year.

  • you can make an argument either way.. you really didn't have to agree with me.. My problem with Bollman wasn't Technic or his ability to coach.. or the meaness..

    The thing I can pin-point is either he didn't know how to associate with the youth or just didn't want to baby-sitt these new pre-madonna guys. That is the problem with the youth these days, they want to do whatever they want , feel entitled & are immature.. 17/18 year olds..the blue collar football players are fading away really fast.

    Imagine Bollman having to deal with Audrey walker or a guy like Henderson..

    Yes he wasn't going to force you to be great, whether you showed up Drunk to practice (Boone) or High to practice (Mike Adams) .

    yes he wasn't going to be there for you emotionally or act like a drill sargeant.. some kids cannot perform without someone on their back 24/7 hence the whole slacking thing..

    Purdue or the pro's could be different for him.. if he gets lower rated guys that are determined to work hard or guys that have to earn a pay check..

    As far as him not teaching the technic or him not being able to coach or not having an eye for talent is over-blown... If he was getting old ..yeah..some guys lose it or don't like the college game ala Monte Kiffin..

    But if these guys think he can't coach or does not know how to coach & keep bringing up this 1st round pick crap that sugar crystal likes to bring up.. points are not valid..

    He wasn't a drill sarg..if that's why you hate him or think he is bad ..those are legit concerns. But most people on here never gave me any credible reason than some stupid articles.

    But we still run the ball pretty good for 10 years ..regardless of HB.. we still are now, with his guys.

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    Too logical, too obvious, too simple, therefore unacceptable to this board...

  • Those "stupid" articles are mostly well-thought out (especially the one on 11W), you are wrong to so quickly dismiss them. When people have an argument to make, an article is the next step up from a forum post so I don't understand why you dismiss them so easily. And people ARE giving you credible reasons as to why they think Bollman is a bad coach but once again you seem to just quickly dismiss them and then go back to defending him without pointing out why those points are not valid.

    And blaming the players for the problems the o-line had is ridiculous in my opinion. It's the coach's job to instill discipline and get people back into line when they step out. If a player is a pre madonna then that's the coaching staff's fault for recruiting them in the first place and then not setting down the law as soon as they step onto campus, not the player's. If a guy is drunk or high at practice it should be pretty obvious and then it's on the coaches to pull him aside and ask him what the hell he's doing and stop it then and there. Most issues on a football team (or any team) go back to the coaches at some point or another. If it's all on the players to discipline themselves and do everything else, why are the coaches needed in the first place? And as for this "new" sense of entitlement among kids, in case you haven't noticed football players have been treated like demigods for decades and it's pretty normal for 17 and 18 year old kids to be immature so when you pine for some bygone age when college football players were like blue-collar workers and didn't act like 17 and 18 year old kids who had been fawned on and spoiled by society because they were good at football it's probably good to realize that never existed unless you want to go back 100 years.

    Tressel had a history of nepotism in his coaching staff (at least on the offensive side) because he micromanaged it and didn't want any interference. That's why Nic Siciliano was made QB coach when he had no right to be there, so Tressel could coach the QBs with no interference from anyone else. Bollman was just another yes-man old friend that Tressel brought along to fill space and when some actual responsibility was thrust on him in 2011 he showed how inept at coaching he is. Assistant coaches who are actually good almost never stay at the same school for 10 years if they want a head coaching job and even if they have no intention of leaving their name will always come up when a new spot is open on another team, but that never happened with Bollman and for good reason.

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  • Razorback

    This kid must've heard of who his position coach was going to be before it was formally announced and he made the decision to bail 6 days ago -- smart kid.

    I just looked at their current recruiting class and they currently have zero offensive line commits for 2013. Should be interesting to observe how Purdue goes about recruiting that position -- will they under-recruit the position like we did here when Bollman was here, or will they do what smart coaching staffs do and recruit enough kids at each position so you don't have to worry about the entire offense falling apart if there's an injury? Time will tell.

  • Dude there is no magician Coach, they all have flaws that are mostly covered by winning, let me know after 10 years if you won't find issues with any coach, that stays at the same place.

    You really think Warriner is a magician & turned a bunch of No talent punks into good O-linemen in one offseason, I am not a baby that needs to be fed.

    That O line was grossly under-rated & no one expected anything from them, because of pre-conceived notion.

    If you want a real good example of a Bad O line, i'll give you USC in 2012, that was a horrible Unit, silas redd or not.

    And the 2011 season, dude stop living in a fantasy world, these guys were young, plus suspensions & no head coach. And those bullshit articles said we were still going to shock the world and when we didn't it was Bollmans fault? WTF ..

    Can't hate the guy, just because of one season.

    Like I said if he was really that horrible Warriner would have had a tougher time this season, 1 year and suddenly he fixes everything that sounds fishy to me...

    Why is the QB position still shaky & the WRs & the safeties, the excuse is Ohh they don't have their recruits yet, but the weakest Coach or the weakest position the O line with new starters are performing and all of a sudden its Warriner ? Issues like that don't get fixed in a year unless there was ground work.. Common sense

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    Too logical, too obvious, too simple, therefore unacceptable to this board...

  • Magician coach? If any coach was a magician, I would say it's Urban and Warriner, although of course they aren't perfect but they're a hell of a lot better than Bollman. They took a demoralized, poorly-coached team and with most of the same players went 12-0 with a team that was 6-7 the year before. The o-line play was vastly better because our players always had talent but now they had a coach who knew what he was talking about and was able to instill both the attitude and technique needed to be successful. If you read any of the articles on the FR when the coaching change took place you would know that Urban and Warriner were amazed at how lazy and uncaring many of the o-linemen were and how poor their technique was. That's all on Bollman. And for being a baby that needs to be fed, you are sounding more and more like it because like it or not our o-line play from the Pryor years and 2011 was simply horrendous and that falls on Bollman (and Tressel to an extent).

    You claim that we have shaky players at several positions and that is true, but the fact remains that we went 12-0 with many of the same players that we had in 2011 who played very poorly for the most part. What was different between 2011 and 2012? The coaches. And of course many articles said we were going to shock the world in 2011, what do you expect, them to come out and say that we're going to be awful and all hope is lost?

    Face it, all of the evidence consistently shows that Bollman was a bad coach brought on by Tressel because he was a good friend and wouldn't question Tressel's decisions and when Bollman was forced into a position of authority he was a total failure. Of course he wasn't responsible for all of the team's failings but since the o-line is such an important part of the offense a good part of the blame for the problems we had can fairly be attributed to him. I don't know why you're so bent on defending Bollman when there is overwhelming evidence showing that he is a poor coach but the facts can't be ignored and you seem to just fall back on some strange emotional attachment to him when all else fails.

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