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Typical Pryor !!

  • I take it you are TTSUN fan, can you please name me the several schools you are talking about?

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    Too logical, too obvious, too simple, therefore unacceptable to this board...

  • +1

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    Too logical, too obvious, too simple, therefore unacceptable to this board...

  • I want TP to succeed and agree with many regarding his lack of coaching at OSU and his on inability to except responsibility for his own improvement. But don't get me started on 31-4. College football is not Pro's not a "any given Sunday" scenario. A school such as OSU has 5 or 6 automatic wins on their schedule every single year. He had a succesful run his 3 years as QB at OSU but 31-4 is very misleading.

  • Pryor has all the talent in the world and is an absolute freak athlete and you gotta love 31-4 and 3-0 against Michegan, but he cant read defenses because he's has nothing between the ears and is terrible in front of a mike.

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  • You know what they say about assume...

    In the Super Bowl era, USC (15), Notre Dame (13), Washington (12), Miami (10), Stanford (10), and UCLA (10) produced at least ten starting NFL quarterbacks, while Purdue recorded the most combined NFL career qb starts (704). The University of Washington had 16 of its last 18 starting quarterbacks make the NFL. Every qb that started for Michigan from '89 through Henne started in the NFL, as many qb's as Miami did in the same time frame, and BYU would have to be in the mix as well.

    At the time Pryor was looking for a school, if he were my son I would have steered him to USC; they even had a bench warmer go on to become an NFL starter.

  • I was embarassed for his performance last night it was pathetic

  • First of all, I was making a point that Troy had a Qb coach and Pryor did not.

    Secondly, I dont know who those players QB coaches were.

    And last, there are a ton of good college Qbs that may not even get a shot to play the nfl let only become a good nfl QB. I wasn't making any reference as to wether TP would or would not succeed in the nfl. I was basically stating that I could have been TP's QB coach and he probably would have had the same, possibly better results.

    As for Big Bens QB coach/OC, I know exactly who that was, I know him personally, he's the same guy Ive been saying for 3 or 4 years OSU should hire.

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  • So I assume all those schools you mention are the powerhouses Pryor was reffering to? USC is a power house I will give you that, Washington & Miami had fallen off well before Pryor was a senior in High School.

    Honestly I don't think starting is a good measuring stick , so you can throw Henne in there, there could be various factors, injuries, suspensions. If Parmer & Leinhart get knocked out and have injuries, Hey TP is our starter and hey the buckeyes have a current starting NFL QB, purely luck.

    USC has produced alot of QBs i will give them that, nice pro typical over 6'2 drop back read coverages, gun slingers.

    Hey so everyone who has started for MICH @ QB has been atleast an NFL starter, right. So I guess Denard Robinson will follow suit right. Since you guys are considered a power house for NFL QBs right. I mean yall practically made Tom Brady into the player he is now, since its all about college QB coaches ?? Kudos #ich

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    Too logical, too obvious, too simple, therefore unacceptable to this board...

  • It's not that hard to understand. He won 31 games he lost 4. He won 2 BCS games. He still had to go out there and win those games.

  • 3-0 Cowboys. Sounds like a riveting, edge-of-your seat, eyes-glued-to-the-TV, heart-racing kind of game. Sorry I missed it.

    "Buckeye born and bred, a Buckeye 'til I'm dead"

  • You was doing pretty good UNTIL you didn't attribute our offensive woes on playing. It was the PRIMARY reason we lost several high profile games NOT Pryor. Pryor was a pretty darn good college QB--had a lot to do with us winning the last two BCS appearances.

  • It's a known fact that most NFL and pro athletes in general are not the most media savvy people. Not by a longshot. For it's not their job to be. It's why they have agents and reps all around them. They usually have a T.A. in college walking them through their English and Composition or Public Speaking courses.

    These are people who sacrifice their youth, study time or learning anything outside the confines of their respective sport. For the likes of Pryor it's "run, run, run. Playbook, playbook, playbook. Cone drill, treadmill, two a days, two a days, two a days. Eat, sleep, two a days, run, playbook, run the 40, then have a media member shove a mic in your mouth afterward. Is it then any wonder why often times incoherent and thoughtless comments are belted out?

    That being said, Pryor is still highly self conscious of how he looks as a player on the field. And Pryor right now, does have an excuse for his sub par performance: the fact that it was his first time on the field in many months coupled with him still becoming acclimated to the NFL.
    But from here on, he's going to have to seize this moment regardless of whether he had the best QB trainers in college, which we of course know he didn't. At this point it's all about your desire, will and competitive juices. Tebow didn't get training at Florida on how to play in a pro-style offense and it's why he looks horrible out there now trying to throw passes. However, what he does do is use his intangibles and competitive nature to win games. This is what Pryor's going to have to do.
    He was ruled ineligible his senior year and had to enter the supplemental draft one year ago. Now he's sitting behind a So Cal beach bum in Leinart and a rustbucket in Palmer.
    If that doesn't make you want to go out and seize that starting job then nothing else will.

    He needs to do this so he can earn an iron-proof NFL salary so he won't have to consider resorting to selling memorabilia or anything else to help his family out.

  • Tressel never looked for polished QB's. He preferred game mangers. troy smith was an anomaly. I have no problems with what TP said because its true. We (OSU) suck at producing NFL caliber QB's. I think he struggles with his wording at times during interviews. Im sure he didn't mean to downgrade the bucks to being a "non powerhouse" program. I think he meant to say he went to a school not known for producing good nil QB's.

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    Buckeye Football/Cincy Basketball/Bengals/Lebron/Mayweather

  • So a straw man argument is all you have? I said neither of the above, you did. Another option for Pryor would have been to follow Scot Loeffler. I'm sure you already know that one year after he left Michigan as their qb coach when Henne was drafted he was hired by Urban as qb coach at Florida and in his first year with Tebow he helped him finish the season as the #1 qb in the nation in pass efficiency.

    Not sure why you're being so argumentative/obtuse. Do you really believe OSU is the place to go to become an NFL qb? Seriously?

  • Exactly. Tattoos are for life. And perhaps it's time these young people realize what they're doing when they sit down and decide to allow someone to ink their arms up.

    Pryor's plan was to return for his senior year. That whole thing with Tressel making them (the media dubbed "Tat Five") promise him that they'd return for their senior year if he allowed them to play in the Sugar Bowl was complete nonsense.

    He knew and we all did that most of them had no other choice but to return--esp Pryor. He was in no way ready to play QB in the NFL. He still needed some development. People can say all they want about how much of a primadonna or egomaniac they think he is but even he knew this and would say so publicly. Which is why he did come here in the first place.

    I still believe he came here with the intentions of being developed into a pro-style QB. Because when the competition is Michigan under the newly hired Rich Rod and Oregon--two schools not developing pro-style QBs, Tressel looked quite competent. Plus Tressel had helped develop Troy Smith from an athlete playing QB into a true pro-style QB who'd go on to win the Heisman. This would make Pryor believe there was hope for him as well.

    But the irony in all of this is that while Pryor came here with the belief that he'd be developed into a pro-style QB, in the end Tressel and company leaned on his playmaking ability just as Rich Rod or Bellotti/Chip Kelley would have. That's likely what he's referring to when he suggests that he's still learning or isn't quite there yet as a well-constructed QB.

  • Good perspective.

    I can't count the number of times over six years where I've pointed out the irony of how many star Buckeye QBs have fizzled at the pro level.

    I'm at the point now where I wonder if it's just irony of them not being good enough or if it's a conspiracy of some sort to not allow there to be a Buckeye QB who becomes a star in the NFL. Think about it: Michigan, Penn State, Purdue have produced quality NFL QBs and we haven't. This is not just from the Tressel era but throughout Buckeye history.

    Now Meyer comes in and he's produced two first-round draft picks, including the #1 pick in Alex Smith. I think what'll be interesting to see is how long this trend continues with this program or what will give way first--Meyer's streak of getting QBs drafted in the first round who eventually become starters or, our string of "busts" and "flameouts" in the NFL.

    Troy Smith and Krenzel were treated unfavorably. I firmly believe it had little to do with them not being good enough. I'll argue to the end of time that they were. I saw with my own two eyes what they did when starting for their respective teams and what their successors did or didn't do. As they say all it takes is one to take a gamble on you and unfortunately for them, they didn't have many suitors. Pryor had the late Al Davis choose him in what would be his final draft pick. Unfortunately he has a coaching staff that is enamored with U$C QBs currently and that's what TP has to overcome.

  • I agree.

    TP needs to use this preseason to begin distancing himself from the two U$Chumps and a 3-0 score won't do it. Even though he's not to blame for that. He didn't get into the game until the 3rd Q.

    But excuses aside, he needs to step his game up and take the job.

  • Excellent post.

    Tressel was so conservative with Pryor that his freshman year was practically wasted. I'm not saying they had to make him Drew Brees in year one, but he only threw 165 passes the entire season. That had doubled by his junior year, but he never became as accomplished of a passer as even his predecessor (Boekman). Pryor probably would have done much better at Oregon or Michigan as his skill set was obviously better suited to that type of offense vs. being strangled for much of his career playing Tresselball.

    When Pryor had the chance to play like Cam Newton when Tressel unleashed him against Oregon and Arkansas in the bowl games, he played great. Yes, he screwed up off the field, but he played with as much heart and passion as any Buckeye I can remember. That's what Al Davis saw in him and why he fits the Raider mold and will be very successful if given an opportunity.

  • I agree.

    Just five years ago this board was lit up with "We must get Pryor" threads.
    And fans here imagining what an offense here with TP at the helm would look like.

    He led us to 31 out of 35 wins as a starter. Was it always pretty? No. And did he make some minor mistakes? Yes.

    Yet people on here want to villify him as if he's the sole reason why the NCAA laid the smackdown on us eight months ago.

    Like you, I want to see him succeed. I want to see him beat out Leinart and Palmer for the starting job there in Oakland and lead them to the playoffs for the first time in a decade. Go on a Tebow-like run a la the 2011 season in Denver in other words.

  • I don't believe Ohio State is the place to go to become an NFL QB. I just believe that a success of a player isn't 100% on a coach, a program, a scheme e.t.c Its an inexact science, a lot of determination, perseverance , personal accountability and a lot of luck falls into place. USC does a great job of recruiting pure pocket passers, so essentially if you have the measurables and the arm, you are in. The NFL is obsessed with measurables, such as speed , size (that's the only reason why pryor is getting a shot, Remember Heyward-bey?).

    I am not saying OSU is the one stop destination for NFL QB's, that's far from the truth. But the quote sounded like there is a CFL school that when you play there, no matter your skill set, no matter your abilities they wave a magic wand and turn you into NFL QB.

    Matt Barkerly, Matt Stafford, basically the QBs that lack mobility have to hone their craft in sitting in the pocket, pre-reading the defense, studying player motions, studying the blitzes because they don't have the ability to get the 1st down on 4th & 15 with their feet.

    Look if we tried to automatically turn Pryor into a pocket QB he will throw a pick almost every play. Remember the Iowa game when he picked up the 4th & 15, he said he knew he was going to run all along, so if you are a coach of course you will tell him if no one is open Run.

    I really don't want to sound like am bashing Pryor, but being a QB is alot of responsiblity, why do you think Urbs is trying to get Brax to be a better leader. Composure, body language, confidence not cockiness. Not me first attitudes.

    Im not into bashing coaches staffs & previous players, that's not why I started the thread, I was not saying OSU is QB U or anything, my point i just hate when Pryor opens his mouth. Whether he had a QB coach or not , he could have taken that tattoo,gucci fund & dodge magnum money and went to QB camps during his summer and his time off at OSU.

    Can't blame Tress & Sic for 100% of his problems when he didn't make it to his senior season, plus who knows what he would have learned his senior season ? Throwing and reading coverage were never his strong suits.

    I don't view it an argument, more like a discussion.

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    Too logical, too obvious, too simple, therefore unacceptable to this board...

  • I agree with you. I guess I just think Pryor is a tool. He wasn't an NFL type qb coming out of high school, wasn't his skill set. Then he picked a university that wasn't known for producing NFL qb's, Then his self-entitlement attitude gives the university a big black eye. Then he quits a year early. Then he blames OSU because he lacks the skill set to be an NFL qb. The real irony is that at the same time Cam Newton goes to a school that exploits his dual skills, doesn't even try to make him something he isn't, and he wins the National Championship, the Heisman, is the #1 draft pick, and sets an NFL rookie passing record in his first game.

  • 2 Things.
    One, HE Isn't A QB. Period !!!
    Two. It's True. Pryor had NO one to learn from. Siciliano was taping practice before JT hired him
    to replace Coach Daniels.
    I still don't get why JT wouldn't allow himself to hire coaches that knew the game
    in hte later stages of his coaching career.

  • I don't remember Dreisbach starting in the NFL. The fact that Pryor won't make it in the NFL isn't a surprise to anybody. In the NFL the only game that matters is the passing game. Unless they widen the field 20 yards the Pryor types will never make it. Even if they did there would still be atleast 6 players on defense as fast as him so that may not even work. I don't care for the NFL. It's just too predictable. I like the variety college football has to offer. 12-24 for 165 yards passing and 25 rushes for 80 yards just isn't exciting enough.

  • Wow really? I always thought Pryor and Newton looked like brothers. Pryor might just have been a Newton if he were coachable. Sad thing is just like Clarett, Pryor blew a chance to make millions because it was all about him. Those two will both have a hell of a time living with what they could have had the rest of their lives. If either is smart enough to know what they could have had. It has to feel like losing the winning lottery ticket.