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Urban Meyer wants the Big Ten to step up its recruiting game

  • Actually, Chad L is a better poster than me...

    I know that you have immense football knowledge looking through your posts.

    Might I suggest going outside for a walk or something, you appear to be on this board quite a bit. Ask your parents to take you bowling or to chuck e cheese, anything to give you a break from typing anything else.

  • This! I think the even division of money is turning into a problem. I'm sure it looked good on paper originally, but anymore it looks like a means of getting free money by some, without spending any. It should be divided based on performance. Then maybe we'll see some of these freeloaders get serious. Right now they have no incentive to get better. Pays the same either way

  • ItalianBuck

    Very true pay for performance, step it up or become a second rate prize fighter.

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    WWW.WTSAC.ORG Woody & Tony's Strokes Against Cancer.

  • i know Chad is a better poster .. that's what i said. Can you read ? In case you don't understand, i post quite often from a 'MOBILE Cellular Device' ,,,,, which allows me to be 'on a walk' and still post about your silliness regarding Minnesota football

  • 100% correct. I understand how some kids might be turned off by the harsh winters, but other than that, I think UM and the twin cities have alot to offer any prospective recruit. I saw their new stadium when it was under construction a few years back and it looked pretty good to me. I liked their campus, also. A big university offers prospective students many options for majors, off-campus housing, and internships. Pretty decent economy meaning job availability after graduation. The area always ranks high in qualiy of life measures.

    I think Minnesota's biggest problem has been the coaching carousel. Kill isn't the right guy (nor was the last guy, Tim Brewster I think, a good fit) and they kind of blew their chance to tie the opening of the on-campus stadium to a "new era of success", which is what programs likes Rutgers and UCF were able to do. Use the new facilitiy as a catapult up to a certain minimum threshold of respectability by getting students and alumni filling the seats.

    You would think also that the twin cities is a big enough metro area to at least produce enough home-grown linemen to be strong in that area. Unfortunately for them, I think Wisconsin is mining most of these guys.

    The bottom line on this matter is that there's no excuse for Minnesota being this bad. Minnesota is one of many examples. I agree with Urban Meyer on the state of BIG recruiting and posters like AikenBucknutz have posted these same thought many times on the board.

    We have also had many debates on the bigger problem that many of us see, which is how our weakening conference and its diminishing reputation is bad for TOSU. I don't know how you can expect to play creampuffs all season and win a two-game playoff. That's going to be really tough. I think our best and only shot for the NC is next season.

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  • Need I say you are a little overboard in expressing your opinion. Sorrry to burst your bubble, but there are plenty of young guys out there that are much more intelligent and have a much broader perspective than you are offering in this thread. You are also showing a lack of knowledge regarding Minnesota's football history and the players they have had on the roster.

    I'm not a big fan of cold winter weather either, but my goodness, there are plenty of other factors that go into decision making. If you have never visited the twin cities, you ought to go. Sorry to sound like their Chamber of Commerce here, but it is by all accounts and objective measures one of the best metro areas to live in the US.

    Your strategy of talking down to kids and treating them like stupid thugs who are only interested in getting laid, pot, and going pro is bad recruiting. I live in the Memphis region and both the basketball players they recruited from this area are kids any program would love to have. One is Memphis Grizzlie's coach Lionel Hollin's son. Tubby Smith was a good hire for Minnesota and has brought their hoops program to where it should be. It is tougher in football because of the number of recruits you need, but your outlook is ridiculously bleak and negative.