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Virginia to become the 15th member of the big ten


    Could happen this week, good academic school probably more on par with Northwestern as their stadium only holds 61,000. I just don't get other than revenue why we're adding another bottom dwelling team. I will say that Virginia is a state with a lot of high school talent so that can only help us in recruiting but as of now adding Virginia would not really boost up the big ten quality teams.

  • You would think Delany would want to improve the quality of football for the conference, but that seems to be the last thing on his list. Other conferences that have expanded look at the quality of football and add teams that are top 25 type programs. This is going to weaken the B1G, he sees the academics and expanding the footprint for TV deals but if the quality of football is weak wouldn't that drive the tv contracts downward.

    Fans and viewers want to watch games vs ranked teams, they don't really care about the academics. 80,000 people don't go and watch some kid take a Chemistry exam do they? Why not go after Florida St.? There is rumors that they aren't happy in the ACC. They are a big state school, plus they are good in football and would upgrade the conference immediately. Plus, open up Flordia for recruiting even more flooding the B1G with fast talented players. But no, Delany doesn't care about the quality of football. He is a basketball guy, but be careful when you hitch your wagon to basketball instead of football. Football drives this, I just don't like what he's doing.

  • UVA is an awesome school academically. We better get UNC in the mix and on board or these recent additions are not going to do anything for the football TV ratings.

    "Buckeye born and bred, a Buckeye 'til I'm dead"

  • Right now these are just rumors. But I think they have the wrong schools. I truly believe Florida State was one of them if offered. Reason I say FSU is because they are in the process or have already applied for AAU membership.

  • Brother actually answered your own question and hit it exactly on the head! +1 sir.

    Its about revenue and access to the #1 public university in the nation. UVA is a REAL academic institution despite the fact that they are a third tier player in the "fooseball" and basketball. They are a serious state with high school athletics, so this should benefit the Big10 with regard to access to talent.
    Also brings access to the DC TV market, which is the ultimate for the B10 network.

    I live in the Wash DC area and will be glad to see these guys added to the Big 10. They are better than any school named after a city (e.g. Louisville, Cincinnati) and will be overjoyed to see the conference kick the ACC in the crotch yet another time.

    I will also be glad to see my Buckeyes run through the likes of Rutgers, Maryland, VA, NC and/or NC state without the drive all the way to C-Bus!!
    Will also be glad to see more local kids playing for my Buckeyes!!


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  • I am with Bucknasty... would love to have UVA in the B1G. But also MUST get UNC at the same time.

    FSU I wouldn't mind if they get their AAU status...

    "Buckeye born and bred, a Buckeye 'til I'm dead"

  • In regards to this expansion shit we seem to be discussing all too often these days...

    This recruiting comment always bothers me. I'm not attacking you Marty16 and please don't take it that way but I have a question:

    How is this going to help us in recruiting? We've been recruiting both states of Virginia and Maryland since I can remember...

    If anything in regards to recruiting.....I think it would give the advantage to Virginia and not necessarily any other B1G that what you mean by that?

    Obviously it's confusing to me.....

  • This is a good assessment from you. We know you're on the pulse of this area.

    Good to hear it appears to be universally endorsed throughout the BIG.

    "man we got some fuckin weirdos on this site." - Davebucknut 9/5/13 post of the year

  • You are not alone.....

    If anything adding shit programs will hurt your recruiting.

    Kids aren't going to want to play in a watered down conference! It may help basketball recruiting but certainly not football......

  • rumors are UNC is courting the SEC and BIG trying to see which one is the better move. UNC would be a big get IMO, they are a football school that is always second to basketball but has good potential to become very good, but I would think that I would prefer Virginia Tech over Virginia but not sure if Tech is AAU or not. I have read though that UVA has already been approved the ACC exit fee so this if true is going to happen soon.

  • For starters, a kid might consider OSU now since he knows that at least a couple times he might get to come and play in front of his friends in Charlottesville, VA. It sort of reorients a kid's frame of reference toward the B1G and away from the ACC.

    I agree though that it might also help UVA recruiting if the extra money goes into better coaching and facilities.

    "Buckeye born and bred, a Buckeye 'til I'm dead"

  • We tend to get bent out of shape (myself included in that group) because we think in terms of football only....but that's because that's what we like the most!

    Do you really think the additions of Maryland, Rutgers and Virginia are good ones given that football revenues drive/fund the other sports programs?

    If you don't have quality teams to play in your conference....who's going to want to watch those game? People tune in to watch Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Nebraska play each other because they are very storied programs.

    I personally feel we should have stopped with the addition of Nebraska much like we did with the addition of Penn State. That brought us to 12 teams which was enough to have a conference championship game.

    Quit while you're ahead. This could end up being a bad move in the long don't always follow the pack. Both the ACC and Big 12 made bad moves when they expanded they are paying for it. They went about it completely wrong and destroyed some storied rivalries that were crucial to the conference (Florida State vs. Miami and Nebraska vs. Oklahoma come to mind).

    The Red River Rivalry sucks a$$ because it's played on a neutral field which IMO is craptastic. Play each other home and away.....if you want a fierce rivalry.

  • Brother Bear:

    It helps because it provides kids in our area (my area DC/ MD/ VA) to see the Big Ten games live and in "Memorex". What I mean is that B10 teams will be on local TV sets and down in this area on the regular, as well as kids can decide to select B10 schools while knowing that they can play in front of their families/ friends. This is always a consideration for kids when deciding whether to leave home.

    Before this move, these kids had to decide whether to play for VA and against other ACC schools. No more. They can stay home in greater numbers and still be a part of the Big 10. This will help.

    I personally like the fact that I can drive to College Park, MD (about 20 mins from where I am) or to Charlottesville, VA (About 2 hrs) to see the Buckeyes as opposed to driving all the way to Shatty Valley.........errr..........Happy Valley to see a Big 10 game.

    This...IMO........IS HUGE!! Not to mention, I saw an article that says that there are about 1M to 2M UM and OSU alumni in the Washington DC region. Don't you think that they want to see the Big 10 games in this area and go to a game?

    This does matter!


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    BuckNasty is all about The Buckeyes!!!

  • OK...that I get. Didn't think about it from that angle.

  • Well you're not alone then which is good to know...

    I had no idea we represented the area like that....that makes sense.

    We just better get the divisions lined up appropriately then.

    Change is hard if you don't let go...... LOL

  • When a kid sits down on a saturday with his dad to watch their favorite home team Virginia take the field it will now be against Ohio State on certain Saturdays. Now the kid becomes a high school all-american and the head coach for Ohio State comes a calling, a team that he's watched for years beat up his Dad's team. So he instantly becomes pumped because watched the buckeyes play every year since he was a kid. So this is what I mean about how it helps in recruiting, maybe not so much in the first couple of years but Ohio State will now be watched in a huge population in Virginia when they play Virginia, when they play in the Big championship game and when they play in the bowl game. Ohio State will become much more of a household name in Virginia and make it much more easier to convince a kid to come play for us.

  • Bear:

    Think about this. Now the Big10 has a footprint in the New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and Indianapolis markets. How many millions of people does that bring?

    What other conference can make this claim?


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    BuckNasty is all about The Buckeyes!!!

  • For sure. Here's an example of what I mean, admittedly just an observation.

    Last year I went to a Nike Coach of Year Camp in Northern VA that was primarily for youth/ HS/ CFB coaches and Coach Tressel was the headline speaker. At that event I met Coach Tressel as he was there to teach one session and talk to the attending coaches, which means he was there for just a few hours and delivered a 30 minute key note speech.

    Dude, you would have been amazed at the number of alumni who came to the conference for just the two hours that Coach Tressel was there. There were literally a line of people wearing the S&G trying to get in and lined up to just meet Coach T. People were asking for autographs, shaking coach's hand and just there to see Coach T. IT WAS FRACKIN AMAZING!! I was blown away asking myself "where the hell did all these people come from?"


    This event opened my eyes because I had always assumed that I was the ONLY Buckeye fan in the region. Man was I wrong!! Dude I have a new found respect for Buckeye nation here in the Mid-Atlantic region!! Buckeyes were out in FULL force!

    Imagine how these folks and I will be rejoicing watching the Urban Meyer lead squad playing in College Park or FedEx field!!

    It WILL be sold out for sure!!


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    BuckNasty is all about The Buckeyes!!!

  • None!! That's for sure.....

  • Virginia = purdue with better looking chics

  • As we are basically merging with the ACC and going east, it appears the conferences will align as follows. I don't know how you can do inter-divisional play as playing everyone in your division will be 7 games. I guess we will need to have at least 2 inter divisional games, which means only 3 out of conference. I could live with that provided they do NFL-style inter-divisional match-ups and slot teams finishing by place in the ensuing year. That would give us a pretty decent chance of getting to play Wisconsin on a regular basis, which I see as important. I don't think it would be very welcome by many of the lower-tier teams in the West, because their chances of hosting the big dogs (Ohio St., Mich, & Penn St.) would be diminished.

    EAST - Mich, Mich St., Ohio St., Penn St., Rutgers, Maryland, Virginia, (looks like either North Carolina or NC St.)

    WEST - Purdue, Indiana, Nebraska, Wisc, Minn., Iowa, Illinois, Northwestern

    But especially if we can score NC, this would be great for basketball. You would play home and away against the teams in your division and play interdivisional teams once, rotating each year. You could have an awesome 16-team tournament, with many possibilities (all good) on how to structure it. So teams from the West that might be less than thrilled for football, might be pretty happy with hoops.

  • " looks like Virginia is set to become team 15 in the Big Ten, maybe as early as Monday morning, with either North Carolina or Georgia Tech team 16. Or it could be North Carolina and Duke. Or North Carolina and Virginia. Or it could be a 4 team combination of UNC, UVA, Duke, Georgia Tech, and Florida State. Or it could be all five of those teams, add Notre Dame, and now you've got 20 teams. Or, it could be something else entirely."

    Hasn't this been the discussion since Maryland and Rutgers joined? I mean, seriously, what's new about this? It's all hypothetical.

    The only thing in my mind that is even remotely interesting about this story is the viability of the so-called "Catholic 7," which are the non-football-playing members of the Big East and they're likely to add Xavier, Butler, Dayton and Creighton, which gets them to 11, which means they'd need at least one more school to get to 12. That could be LaSalle, Duquense, or St. Louis. From Day 1, that conference will be a major player in college basketball. Another possible addition could be Notre Dame, and joining would give the Irish huge credibility in basketball while also allowing them to remain independent in football.

    Someone wake me when the B1G actually adds two more teams.

  • i rather claim 8 consecutive national titles =( (whatever its at now i dont remember) ...

    down vote me if you must, but maybe we just aren't as good as a conference as we want to be ?

    From 2000 - 2009 we are 28-41 as a conference in bowl games. With the likes of maryland uva rutgers that number will likely get worse.

    i know it would seem impossible and wishful thinking. but cant we push for ND and UNC or Vtech or Oklahoma ? shoot even louisville or cincy.

    then again its allllllllllll about $$$$$$

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  • The SB Nation article linked to one ESPN's Adam Rittenberg wrote last Friday.

    Read it. He does a great job about laying out the criteria for adding teams.

    And note that expansion hasn't nothing to do with being good in football. It's all about branding. And that's because at the rate the college football landscape is changing, paradigms are also changing. Expansion is about real estate and eyeballs. It's a straight-up land grab.

  • Hey no down votes coming from me as I understand what you are saying.
    However, we aren't talking football and you are missing the point.

    We are talking about why the move to add schools was made. You have to stop talking about the obvious as EVERYONE on here would want to win on the field of battle and in the NC games. This is where I will borrow a line that my daddy used to say:

    "Stop preaching to the choir!"

    We know, we know. Now can we talk about something else or do we always have to talk the SEC? Give it a rest.


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  • Ive always thought we'd add a team from virginia to the big 10. I just assumed it would be Virginia Tech.

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