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We will have to go undefeated to ever get into the BCS

  • champ game or the playoff in the future..

    Look at this year, look how many SEC teams are in the top 10, SIX!
    If we ever have one loss, we will not be ranked above any 1 loss SEC team. If there was a playoff this year, it would be Notre Dame, Bama, Georgia and Florida.

    In my opinion, that playoff is a total waste of time. The sad part is, if it was an 8 team playoff, you'd throw LSU, A&M in that mix as well.

    The media will totally control the teams in the playoff. ESPN tonight during the BCS countdown were already talking about when the new playoff format is in place, who SHOULD be in it from this years rankings, and guess what.....3 SEC teams.

    BCS is going to have to come up with something to combat this, max of 2 per conference or something. There is no way One conference should get all the spots. You can't tell me Oregon couldn't beat any of those teams.

  • There's no doubt that what's coming in the next two years won't constitute a real playoff. Basically what the BC$ committee did was devise a way in which they could supposedly give the fans what they've been clamoring for, while maintaining the status quo.

    Think about it: Bill Hancock, the BCS Exectutive Director, was recently voted by the college presidents and ADs to oversee the 4-team playoff. And as recently as a year ago, Hancock was staunchly against any proposed playoff system.

    Clearly their anti-playoff arguments weren't holding any weight. They were quite transparent to most of us and so they knew they had to come up with some system that would pacify the masses and it was this. They signed a 12-year deal to ensure that it'd be maintained for some time and also to keep the arguments and debates going amongst fans and analysts--similar to how we've been doing for the past fourteen with the BC$.

    They could've easily made this an 8-team playoff. No doubt about it but again, it's all about contrived controversy in order to keep ratings and passions at an all time high.

    It's no different than what Butler ByNote was saying tonight on "Wall 2 Wall Sports" in how the government should get involved--esp since they're involved in everything else. This is one. To me, this system and its proposed change is as scandalous and corrupt as the Quiz Shows of the 1950s and early '60s.

    No clearer example than this season in which as you've said, six teams from one conference all ranked in the top 10. And why? Because if one $EC team loses to another, it's considered a "quality loss," however, if Oregon loses in OT to a top 12 ranked Stanford, they nealry fall out the top 5.
    UGA gets smashed by S.C. who lose to both LSU and FLA. FLA loses to UGA. A&M loses to both LSU and FLA but beats ALA. The narrative that the E$PiNmeisters create is this illusion that because the $EC is the best conference, that they don't need to bother playing OOC against quality opponents. Playing against each other is tougher than playing any outside team is what they'd have you believe.

    So clearly the fix was in from the jump: to ensure that at least one $EC team gets into the title game this year. Rank them just high enough coming into the season so once teams in and around the top from other conferences begin to lose, the South Carolinas, UGAs and whoever else, can rise. It's clearly a sham and justice won't ever come from the NCAA.

  • +1

    i think the in playoff system will evolve as the conference restructuring continues.

    i think a fair system would be an 8 team playoff with the winner of the 4 superconferences getting an automatic bid with a max of 2 per conference, which would leave another 2 positions open for independents/smaller conference winners

  • ^^ this would be ideal. The SEC makes me sick. LIke posters have said before though, the best way to shut up the SEC chants, is to beat them, and I am really looking forward to next year when we will get our chance.

  • Very True Sugar. This 4 team playoff is just a way to get 2-3 SEC teams in there. This year it would be ND, Bama or GA, Florida, and maybe Oregon or another SEC team.

    What this playoff system is, is just the same sh$t we have now, but adding 2 more teams in the mix. That's it. Every conference still has their ties to the bowl games. What this does is have their conference champs or 2nd teams play in that bowl (doesn't matter what rank- so you can have a #5 team vs #24 team) To me that's BS.

    Just add 2 more teams (to 16) and have each conference play each other in their bowl games. Just have an all B1G bowl game. It's all about money anyways, so why not have 2 B1G teams play each other so the B1G can get double payment.

  • Lets beat their a$$es a few times and maybe things will change. headslap