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Can TOSU land Steven Elmer OT Mich

  • Per Rivals, OSU has offers out to 6 OLs and none are from Ohio--Bivin/KY, Fox/CO, Gray/DC, Pocic/IL, Raulerson/TX, and Tuley-Tillman/IL. Only Raulerson's committed. I haven't seen anything on Tuley-Tillman going to scUM but his offer list is very impressive.

    Here's an incomplete alphabetical list of Ohio's 2013 offensive lineman. Offers are per Rivals. I haven't found film on all of them. Most services have Billy Price at DT. I don't see a 5-star in this class but there could be a good number of 4-stars (Lisle, Peterson, Gall, Harper, Mathie, Meadows, Welsh). OL is the hardest position to project in HS. The gap in terms of physical growth/development/maturity between juniors and seniors tends to be a lot greater for linemen than for skill positions and their abilities/technical proficiencies can be less evident on film because the camera tends to follow the ball. The camps can be critical for evaluating linemen.

    1. Ryan Adams, Oregon Clay, 6-6, 325
    2. Carson Baker, Fairborn, 6-5, 300, Honorable Mention SW Ohio D1.
    3. Garrett Campbell, Cincinnati St. Xavier, 6-4, 285.
    4. Cody Collins, Kettering Alter, 6-3, 285.
    5. Peter Cvijanovic, Cleveland Benedictine, 6-5, 245; Most outstanding Offensive Linemen: Ohio State Football camp 2011.
    6. Jeff Dew, Toledo Central Catholic, 6-2, 280, 2nd Team NW Ohio D-2
    7. Damon Dillard, Columbus Marion-Franklin, 6-4, 335, 1st Team D-2 All-Ohio, 1st Team Central Ohio D-2.
    8. Brandon Ehlringer, Springfield, 6-2, 265
    9. Steven Ericksen, Carrollton, 6-4, 265, Special Mention Eastern Ohio D-2.
    10. Ben Flick, Hamilton, 6-6, 265. Offer from Buffalo.
    11. Alex Gall, Cincinnati Moeller, 6-5,295, offensive lineman of the year in Cincinnati’s GCL South. Offer from Kentucky.
    12. Evan Grosel, Mentor Lake Catholic, 6-4, 310, 1st Team NE Lakes D-3, Special Mention D-3 All-Ohio
    13. Doug Hardin, Williamsport Westfall, 6-5, 280, 1st Team SE Ohio D-4, Special Mention D-4 All-Ohio
    14. Jeff Harper, Youngstown Mooney, 6-6, 270, 1st Team NE Inland D-3.
    15. Chad Heineman, Trenton Edgewood, 6-3, 280
    16. Chris Huhn, Pickerington North, 6-6, 275. Offers from Buffalo and Toledo.
    17. Isaiah Johnson, Cincinnati Walnut Hills, 6-8, 290. Offers from Akron and Kentucky.
    18. Sami Kaseem, Cincinnati Indian Hill, 6-4, 305
    19. Grant Lingafelter, Chagrin Falls, 6-5, 250, 2nd Team NE Lakes D-3
    20. Evan Lisle, Centerville, 6-6, 265. Offers from BC, UC, Illinois, Kentucky, Miami (FL), Oklahoma, WVU.
    21. Andrew Lorenz, Columbus Bishop Watterson, 6-4, 260, 2nd Team Central Ohio D-3
    22. Diamante Marshall, Cleveland Glenville, 6-4, 335
    23. Steve Mathie, Canton GlenOak, 6-5, 270. Offer from UCLA. Per Scout: Starter for GlenOak since sophomore year (blocked for Brionte Dunn). Held his own against several top-flight opponents in 2010, including Se'Von Pittman and Steve Miller of Canton McKinley. Great feet and a fine athlete. Good baseball player as well.
    24. Xzavier McAllister, Canton McKinley, 6-5, 310
    25. Craig McCorkle, Cincinnati Winton Woods, 6-3, 275; 1st Team all league, Special Mention D-2 All-Ohio
    26. Kyle Meadows, West Chester Lakota West, 6-6, 275. Offers from Louisville and YSU.
    27. Zach Murdock, Westerville South, 6-5, 250
    28. Cole Newsome, Huber Heights Wayne, 6-4, 290, Honorable Mention SW Ohio D-1.
    29. Lovell Peterson, Huber Heights Wayne, 6-4, 280, 2nd Team SW Ohio D-1. Offer from Illinois. Was Braxton Miller's C as a soph.
    30. Christian Porter, Dayton Carroll, 6-4, 275
    32. Billy Price, Austintown Fitch, 6-4, 285, 1st Team D-1 All-Ohio at DT.
    33. Frank Saban, Niles McKinley, 6-5, 290, 1st Team NE Inland Ohio D-3, Special Mention D-3 All-Ohio
    34. Reggie Sistrunk, Huber Heights Wayne, 6-4, 290
    35. Tracy Sprinkle, Elyria, 6-5, 260, 1st Team NE Lakes D-1 at DE; 3rd Team D-1 All-Ohio at DE (9 sacks, 85 total tackles, 5 fumble recoveries, 25 QB hurries). Offer from Syracuse.
    36. Al Thompson, Marysville, 6-4, 330
    37. Jason Tretter, Richfield Revere, 6-5, 250
    38. Joe Turner, Cincinnati Anderson, 6-5,265
    39. Sean Welsh, Springboro, 6-3, 275, Honorable Mention SW Ohio D-1. Offers from UC, BGSU, Indiana, Kent State, Ohio, Miami (OH), Toledo.
    40. Dylan Wiesman, Cincinnati Colerain, 6-4 285, 2nd Team SW Ohio D-1. Offer from UC.
    41. Zachary Zamiska, Avon Lake,6-5, 275

  • oh wow that kids name is Jake Butt. I can hear the game announcers now "there goes big Jake Butt" "Thats one mean Butt" "No Butts about it" moon

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    Fight on, State!

  • Your right he hasn't gone to Michigan. But rivals & scout have said it was down to Michigan & Alabama and that Michigan jumped on him so early that they lead for him. He has already been to Michigan many times already including a visit this weekend.Not saying OSU can't get him but it will be hard since he has already said he wants to pick a school by spring.
    Wont hurt OSU tho everyone is expecting them to sign either the number 1 or 2 class in 2013.

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  • You need to chill. Take this crap to another forum.

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  • Not counting the inane part knocking Catholicism--and as a "recovering Catholic" myself, I am happy to contribute but agree this is not the place--I gotta call bullshit on another part of this post:

    1. Dunn was not a flip. He never decommitted. Maybe he he had second thoughts as his cousin, Dymonte Thomas, worked him hard to get him to flip but he never left us for scUM.
    2. Perkins decommitted from ND in early November, a couple days after we'd beaten Wisconsin and Fickell was the toast of Columbus and a month before Urban was hired.
    3. Southward flipped from Miami, not Florida.
    4. Who did we flip from scUM? Dunn? Again, how did we do that when he'd never flipped to them in the first place?
    5. Who was the 5th flip from PSU? Spence? He was considered a lean but never a lock.

    A "flip" is, by definition, getting a gut who's committed ssomewhere else to switch schools. For us to have flipped Dunn, he would have had to decommit from Ohio State and then commited to scUM. He never did that. Perkins had decommitted from ND a month before Urban was hired so he wasn't committed to anyone. And Spence had not committed to PS and given their problems, might not have, anyway.

    Yes, Urban got to the game late and 9 of his recruits were flips, not 11. The Bible says, "thou shalt not lie," and twisting the truth into self-serving propaganda is a fabrication, which is a synonym for a lie.

  • WOW! what a list! nice breakdown & info! +1
    I hope OSU gets offers out to Peterson, Meadows, Lisle for T & C
    Id like to see Sean Welsh, Harper or the Peter kid from St. Benedictine for anypart on the OL.
    Id really love for OSU to land Pocic or Bivin for OOS kids.

  • UM & OSU will both bring in top classes for 2013. Ohio is loaded for 2013, so I wouldnt be suprised if Michigan came in and got there share of top prospects in Ohio. Prolly not many top 10 prospects but they will come in and get there share of leftovers/UM leans and stuff like that.
    I could see Michigan landing Jake Butt, Taco Charlton, Jayln Powell, DeNiro Laster, Jaron Dukes, Kevin Gladney, Michael McCray IF osu dosnt offer any of them. I think if OSU offers Butt, he will be a Buckeye. Same with McCray, Laster & maybe Gladney. Dukes wont get an offer. WR position is deep for Ohio in 2013. OSU landed 3 in 2012 & already has Marshall. They are also still in the running to land DIggs & Neal for 2012. They are currently in the top few for Shelton Gibson, & Robert Foster. I dnt see OSU offering many WR's in Ohio for 2013. There for UM will get a couple good receivers from Ohio IMHO. I also think Charlton & Powell are very interested in UM, even if OSU offered, they would have there work cut out for them.
    Matt Miller in the 2013 class from St. Johns would most likely go to UM if offered.. His bro plays there. UM has there foot in the door with some prospects from 2013 from Ohio. Wouldnt be suprised if UM got about 5 to 10 kids from Ohio for there 2013 class. Gedeon from Hudson also seems to be very interested in UM. Hes got a OSU offer now, so who knows where he goes. Same with DeVeon Smith.

  • Agree 100%. This is a great class for Ohio, deeper than 2012, which had DE and OL out the ass but otherwise not as strong across the board. Hoke knows he needs Ohio kids to win, as does D'Antonio and they will recruit Ohio hard. So will Pelini and O'Brien and every B1G team. We need to be prepared for a lot of Ohio kids playing against us. The tradeoff has to be OOS kids who are better.

  • Are you saying that Illinois is expected to have 8 or 9, 5 star recruits?


  • The will have what we give them. Maybe Taco and Gladney if we don't want them. If we don't throw them some Ohio bones they wouldn't have a program. Embarrassing!
    The state of _ichihan hs football sucks.

  • I think he means Illinois the state, not the university.