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Talk a little Buckeye basketball with your fellow Ohio State hoopsters


Almost Unwatchable

  • This team is almost, almost unwatchable on the offensive end of the court. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any answers for Matta on this team. We want Ross to step up and be that second scorer and today he didn't play well. Thompson played well today but has been inconsistent. Smith is a grinder at best offensively as well as Craft and Scott. Add no post threat and you have a one trick pony with Thomas. We have good athletes but scoring the ball requires skill....we just don't have skillful offensive players that Matta can rely on outside of Thomas. Hopefully Loving and Williams will add some much needed offense next season.

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  • I know shep777, I DVR'd the game as I was at my grandsons morning game...came home and put the game on...I fell sound asleep just after half time....what a snoozer...worse than watching paint dry...and Penn State is just plain alfull....the TV guys tried to make it intresting but, geeze PSU stinks and they pulled our Buckeyes down into the same quigemire today!

  • Welcome to BIG basketball, gentlemen! The games have an insufferable pace at times, defense dominates.

    I was very pleased with Sam Thompson today. This is the type of thing he needs to do consistently and could give him a nice jumpstart for Wisconsin next week. Scott came in off the bench and drilled a couple nice shots from 15 feet, which was encouraging. Craft played well, he hit a nice three from outside, and missed on one, but it wasn't a bad shot with a hitch. He was effective driving the lane and passed very well. I didn't realize he is now 4th on TOSU's all time assist leaders. I haven't checked the box score, but it looked like he was over 5 assists, maybe pushing toward double figures.

    It was good to see Matta shaking things up a little by putting McDonald in, who hit a nice little jump hook. I think a message was being sent to Amir that he needs to step up. I was a little disappointed in Ross' play. He doesn't look comfortable against BIG defenses with the ball in his hand. We really need William and Ross to step up.

    The opponent put forth a strong defensive effort, although their talent level is lacking.

  • Give Matta some props today for letting Thompson play almost the entire game. He is the player that has basketball skills-quickness, jumping, can explode and drive off the dribble. He is the one this program needs to develop into a stud.
    Also- giving McDonald playing time over stiff Amir Williams.
    Matta has given Williams 2 years to show something. Its time to move from him- he just can't play.

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  • I agree with both you and Jag......I did like seeing McDonald get some minutes and he did o.k. One of the best things a team can have is competition for playing time. In theory it should raise the level of everyones game. Thompson played well and showed what he can be if he can consistantly hit the outside shot. Same with Scott who also hit a couple of mid-range jumpers. That seems to be a theme with a number of our players. If they can start consistantly knocking down the outside shot it will open things up. As for this being B1G basketball, I agree and it's not good. There was an article I believe posted here recently regarding the B1G's lack of a title since 2000. It basically boiled down to not enough talent in the league. The B1G is last by a wide margin of the BCS conferences in players in the NBA. As Matt Painter said, when you look at teams that can win it all you look for the number of pros they have on their roster. The B1G has not had enough pros. Certainly not OSU's fault but the slow pace of games this year and us playing so poorly on offense does have an impact on recruiting. Kids with pro talent want to play in face paced, uptempo games that showcases their skills. Hopefully this season is an abiration and Matta can convince talented schoolboy players that we will play uptempo if we have the personel.

  • The nba is mostly a half court league. What this team is missing are players that can score in the half court. The big may be lacking in fast paced games but a lot of that has to do with the exceptional defense. Example: Michigan is one of the faster teams in the country yet osu slowed it way down because that is what was needed to win. Great defense is an equalizer.

  • whether it's half court or uptempo basketball, I don't care.....we don't have skilled offensive players which you have astutely noted. As for the B1G until they win a another NC there's always going to be a "but" when you talk about how good the conference is. Win it comes to winning a NC it's about talent and offensive talent....defense is great and you need to play great defense but basketball is a game of offense and the teams that can score the ball are usually standing at the end.

  • You guys amaze me, yes your right no BIG TEN team has won a NC since 2000, but how many have been to the final four, weve been there twice (2007, 2012), and as for lack of talent ... WOW ... we are not the best conference in America without talent, our Buckeyes are 15-4 and 5-2 in the nations best conference, AND WE HAVE NO TALENT????? It makes me laugh reading this, and all I read on here is how Matta can't coach, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, if Matta leaves you will all be crying how the next coach isn't Matta ... Ok I'm done venting ... GO BUCKS WIN OUR 4TH STRAIGHT BIG TEN TITLE!!! Not to bad for a team with no talent in the Nations Top Conference With No Talent... Sheesh hoops

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  • Pastor....sorry to upset you...I'm a christian and I know how we are suppose to treat our leaders :) The BIG is last among the 6 BCS conferences in players in the NBA. The BIG currently has 25 players in the NBA. The next closest is I believe 42 so it's not close. So, the talent argument is fair (and nobody said we had no talent). And we are considered the best conference this year but if a B1G team does not win the NC there will be whispers of us being overrated. It's just like football when we do poorly in bowl season. Is it fair? Of course not....anything can happen in a one and done tournament but the overrated word will be said if IU, scUM, MSU or even tOSU doesn't win it all. Also, I don't believe anyone wants Matta to go anywhere. However, as you surely must know, nobody is perfect. Some of his game day moves are headscratchers and the current team does not play the type of offense that's going to wow potential recruits. But I for one want him to stay. I happen to agree with most so-called college experts. When you look at teams that can win the NC the first thing you want to take a look at is future pros. Michigan has a few (Burke, Hardaway, Robinson, etc.) IU has a few (Zeller, Olidipo) MSU has Payne, Harris, maybe Appling. Right now we only have Thomas. Thompson is intriguing as a potential pro and others but Thomas is as close to a sure bet as we have on this years roster. As a christian I'm kind of unique in that I'm a pessimist by nature and tend to look at the negatives over the positives. I'm working on that......that's how I can agree with you by saying GO BUCKS and let's win our 4th straight title.

  • right now i see the final record at 19-11 or 20-10 at best. i don't think that will win the conference unless they get hot during the tournament. they have lost to four ranked teams but have not dominated or even played particularly well against several average teams. unless someone steps up to help thomas score we won't be going very far in march. we have played 19 games and have 11 left. there is still time for one or two (or more) guys to catch fire and emerge. i hope someone does but time is running out.

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  • my gut reaction is to say you are crazy but it really is not out of the realm of possibility.

    Out of our final 11 games......I will give us Nebraska and let's say we beat NW two times.

    The other 8 games:

    Wisky (home) and (away) - 50/50 but being at home we SHOULD win this
    scUM (away) - I give us the L on this one.....
    IU (home) and (away) - we have to split but we could easily lose both
    Sparty (home) - 50/50
    Minn (home) - they are struggling but this is in now way a gimmie....could go either way
    Ill (home) - I think we revenge our first loss and win this but again, it is not automatic

    We have failed to put two inferior teams away (IOWA) and (PSU)......that is not a good sign. I think we came out and punched scUM in the mouth.....and they didn't expect it. I think they almost took us too lightly given our struggles.

    Anyone can win these games (excpet for the ones i give us NW 2 x's and Nebraska)

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  • If Thad is able to win all his conference games at home it will be one of the best jobs he has done in his time at OSU. I have been critical at times of some of his in-game decisions. However, if we can split with Wisky and IU, sweep NW, beat Nebraska on the road and hold serve at home we would finish 13-5 in the BIG and 23-7 overall I believe. That would be a great job by Matta and his staff considering our offensive deficiencies.

  • I agree....that would be an astounding record with how inconsistent this team has played. We will see what happens......i think that is honestly the best scenario we could hope for other than them winning out which is pretty damn impossible.

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  • Ok shepp 777, your post convicted me, I'm not perfect either, so i repented for getting angry, but you got to understand I have been a Browns fan since Leroy kelly took over for Jim Brown and that board is ALOT more negitive than this one, i know thats no excuse but before i was saved by GRACE, i was a rather competetive perso, still am, also loyal to a fault, so if i offended anyone including you I asked humbly for your forgiveness ... pray

    JOHN 14:6 Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me."

  • I agree as well, and it is not out of the realm of possibility. We've seen this team compete with the best in the country, and even beat the #1 team. Small improvements, which will happen with such a youthful team over the course of a season, should allow them to gain more confidence as well.

    I break down the remaining games into three buckets:

    Three games I am quite confident saying will be wins: home vs. Wisconsin (even worse offensively than OSU), @ Nebraska, home vs. Northwestern. Predicted record: 3-0.

    Three others I see as a greater than 50% chance: @ Northwestern, home vs. Minnesota, home vs. Illinois. Of the three, the most likely loss would be against Minnesota because of their size and rebounding. Predicted record: 2-1.

    The toughest remaining games: @ Michigan, home vs. Indiana, @ Wisconsin, home vs. Michigan State, @ Indiana. None are unwinnable, and you could argue the MSU game could fall into the previous bucket. Predicted record: 2-3 (home wins vs. MSU, Indiana, though I could see a win @ Wisconsin as well or in place of the win over IU).

    That leaves Ohio State with a 12-6 conference record, with a tinge of optimism, but a lot of reality.

  • You the man Pastor!! no need to ask for forgiveness. I'm also a Browns fan from about the same time as you so we may be close to the same age. All is good and God is good :)