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Bucknutin' But Net

Talk a little Buckeye basketball with your fellow Ohio State hoopsters


Big Ten play

  • Where do you guys see us finishing in the Big Ten. I think we are 5th or 6th best.

    I just wonder where the scoring will come from during road games when Thomas goes cold or doubled every time he touches the ball.

    Craft is a liability this season on offense and when we bring in Scott at the same time we have great ball defenders on the floor, but we have zero outside shooting from our gaurds. This will have to be a team that gets it done on the defensive end and hope Thomas averages 23 + ppg in big ten play.

    I hope I'm wrong, but I see a 10-8 or a 9-9 season in the big ten. Which probably gets us a 6 or 7 seed in the NCAA tourney.

  • i think it is too early to make a guess about the final place. the big ten in basketball (unlike in football) should be very good. the game against illinois will tell quite a bit since they are supposed to be very good. although craft has shot poorly so far, i still think he is a major key to the success of the offense if he can get some shots to start falling.
    so far in the first half against nebraska things are going well for the buckeyes.

  • I see us in the mix at the top, along with Michigan, Indiana, and possibly Minnesota. Mich St. and Illinois are also going to be right there, but I see us in one of the top 3 spots regular season and a contender for the BIG tourney. Everyone in the BIG is going to lose some games, but I think we will fare better in consistency as the season moves forward.

    Craft's shot mechanics did not look good last night, but I am still optimistic that he will get back on track this season.

    Better to peak later as far as I am concerned.

  • In order for us to finish in the top 3 of the conference we cannot afford to lose any games at home. We must go 9-0 at home which will not be easy. If we can do that and then go 4-5 on the road we will be fine. One other concern of mine is when we play Scott and Craft together. That's a good ball-handling combo and they put excellent pressure on the oppositions guards. However, neither can shoot it well enough or consistant enough from distance. Last night they had Scott at the point and Craft at the 2 guard for a stretch of time. Smith was out so they only guy that could make a shot that was in the game was Thomas. It will be interesting to see as the season progresses how much Matta can play Scott and Craft at the same time while sacrificing much needed shooting.

  • I think we finish one game out of 1st, so basically around second or third in the conference. It's going to be very close and I see the conference champ probably losing four games. I see our paint presence as the biggest issue, far more than shooting. I am confident someone will step up as a second scorer most games. There are some great post players in the B1G and realistically I think Amir will decide how far we go. If he can hold his own against Zeller, Payne, Mbakwe we are in good shape. Defense is the most consistent thing in basketball and this team plays solid defense but has room to get even better.

  • Indiana and Michigan are on a different level than everybody else. OSU is the best of the rest so third. Michigan State will not be a factor this year, they just don't have the talent and Izzo can only compensate for so much. They got stomped by 13 at Minny.

  • Minny is good and will be tough to play them at their place.

    I see the comments about Craft and the hope for him to dhoot better. Kid is in his junior year and still struggles to shoot the outside shoot. it's not going to get much better. I love his leadership and D, but his offense is going to hurt us this year. Scott brings nothing on the offense as well and neither do Ravenel or Williams. Unless Ross develops into a scorer or Smith Jr., has some great games, this will be a team that will struggle to score against the top teams in the Big Ten.

    Michigan looks great so far. They have great gaurd play and unbelieveable shooting. Only weekness could be in the post. Morgan is better than last year and the other kid is a freshman. But, this freshman they have from Canada at shooting gaurd is unreal. He is a better shooter than Diebler.

    I think the top half will play out like this:
    1 Michigan
    2 Indiana
    3 Minny
    4 Mich St
    5 OSU
    6 Illinois

  • You are over rating MSU and under rating OSU. For those who say OSU will stuggle to score and they will - but with OSU's defense most of teams they play will have any harder time scoring than the Buckeyes,

  • I am definitely not ready to give up on Craft as a two-guard. He is in a shooting slump, but when he gets it going, the Scott-Craft combo has the potential to carry this team to another Final Four. It's a guard oriented tournament, and these guys can be as good as any combo in the country.

  • All good points made here. It mystifies me why we continue to have the same problems as 10 games ago. There are point guards who have proven they can shoot: Burke, Paul, Hollins', Hulls. Scott and Craft are dynamic, but shooting isn't their strength. They create for others, drive and kick and take the open lanes to the hoop when they're there. Their defense causes turnovers and that leads to what makes them special in the transition offense. Thank you, Sam Thompson.

    I do not understand why their shooting still suffers. Scott - almost always too strong, even at the foul line. In football, he would have been an all-conference safety from the jump. Who is quicker? Not Burke, Abrams or Ferrell. Craft's elbow - why continue fighting it? Apparently he scored in high school. Why not now?

    Williams - get mean, play strong. He would benefit from Izzo's rim drills. Look what they've done for Spartie. There are many good post players in the B1G, but with Amir's potential? It's all right there in front of these boys. They are young, as Thad has repeated. If there is a coach who gets it done in the B1G, it's Matta. He has proven it often enough. Time to prove it again.

    I think Thomas goes off and we beat the fighting Grocers by 12. Go Bucks!!

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    What have you done today to beat TTUN?

  • care to take that statement back........Craft cant shoot. He is a liability on an offense with no low post play. His flaws were covered up last year because Sully demanded double and triple teams leaving Craft wide open. this year he doesn't have 2 full seconds to set his feet and shoot. Major liability on O. And Scott is equally useless on O. these two will have their moments in spurts because they do play great D and hustle, but you cant play these guys together for log stretches because if you add them two along with whoever at center (Ravenel or Amir), that means you have 3 guys on the court that have NO scoring can't win games without scoring.

    This team is a .500 team, at best, in the big ten. I am afraid what Michigan is going to do to us on CBS next weekend.

  • It was an absolutely abysmal offensive performance today. There's no question. The formula to beat us is as simple as denying Thomas the ball or double teaming him. Teams that can achieve this are going to kill us.

    Craft shot poorly once again, but he at least hit for double figures and there were some signs he is maybe starting to climb out of his slump. Craft did make some great steals and hustled his ass off. So, I won't take my statement back just yet, but I am getting closer and one more game like today I might be there. Earlier in the season, it appeared Scott had improved his shooting, I don't know what happened as he looks like he is throwing the ball at the rim.

    LaQuinton started this season with great promise, but he looked completely out of his league today. I don't know how much longer he is going to stay in the rotation if he plays that poorly.

    Smith Jr. hit a couple at the beginning to keep us competitive, but he just isn't good enough to carry us. Thompson also looked like his shooting had improved earlier in the year, but now he is offering little offensive threat outside an occassional dunk.

    Jent's influence as a shooting coach has not been positive.

    Both of our bigs did nothing. Williams appeared to be uninspired.

  • 5th or 6th for sure......based on what i have seen thus far. A lot of things will need to change.......we do not match up well with anyone really, especially the top 4 teams (scum, IU, Minnesota, Illinois, and even Sparty).

    The team looked completely deflated at Illinois because we got down early.......lack of effort on defense, poor shot selection on offense, too many turnovers......etc etc etc.

    A couple of years ago we were dead to rights at Purdue and we pulled out a huge win late in the game and that was the turning point in that season. Hopefully we can find some similar magic tomorrow night.

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  • Coming off the worst performance in several years, the game at Purdue tonight couldn't be bigger. We need a strong, turnaround performance. If we fail to win this one, I agree that 5th or 6th is about the best we can hope for. The 5 teams you named all look much better than us at this point.

  • I will be curious to see if Matta does change the line up tonight.......Scott starting at point would be interesting considering he seems to always give us a spark off the bench with his high energy, defense, and ability to create for others.

    I would like to see Scott, Craft, DT, LSJ, Ravenal as the starting 5. Put Craft on Byrd to start.....

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