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Talk a little Buckeye basketball with your fellow Ohio State hoopsters


Junior College Center Prospects?

  • Are there any decent junior college center prospects out there who can immediately start for OSU next season. This staff needs to start looking. A. Williams and McDonald means nothing and chances are they are not going to improve.

  • you have to have a thing called scholarships to get players we already have 2 for next year ans they are studs. I like what i see from McDonald and Williams I think both will develop into good players.
    Why go get a JUCO who is level or worse than what we have.
    I wish people would stop thinking that the JUCO route is where you find stud players. Name me the laus JUCO who panned out to be even a good player?

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  • Jek'el Foster turned about to be pretty good.....he was an all-american JUCO player and is still playing over seas. Not a big man but a successful JUCO player

    What exactly do you see in Amir that makes you think he will develop into a good player? I like what I see out of Trey McDonald more than I do with Williams.

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  • You like Williams output at 0 points, 0 rebounds in nine minutes versus Wisconsin. He doesn't do anything versus good competition. He plays mediocre against bad competition. Amir had a hard enough time playing against a weak Northwestern team whose guys are on the bench due to injury. I will take the junior college playr over Williams and McDonald any day of the week. These guys aren't going to improve next season. Cut your losses and get a JUCO pick!

  • LOL! Depeands how much they work in the off season?? To say a 20 yr old kid isn't going to improve is well pretty dumb! McDonald has improved a lot since he got to osu, Amir might just be lazy??
    there mr VIP you seem to have all the answers!

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  • Work in the off season. OKAY! LMFAO! Williams hasn't improved his whole career. McDonald improved alot since he got here. What are you his HS coach? He wasn't that good to start but he plays alot better than Amir right now. Get a JUCO pick and call it a day. I have better answers than you for a VIP! So go back to Bedrock and get a dose of reality!

  • We now only have 2 openings left between this 13 and next year's 14 class. We need some "major impact" recruits like Okafor&Jones with the last two to become NC contenders again come 14-15. Use one on a JUCO now and you are down to one then. Plus any JUCO C worth a lick is signed already.

    Our best hope for C help in Rav's wake is a Merc 5th year immediate eligible xfer after the season. Like Wisky keeps signing for QB or our asst was at SYR for a year. They aren't that plentiful - especially at C - but each year one or two pop up. Even a PF "merc" would help some too in DT's wake. The key is they only play a year so the ship would still be open again for a 14 recruit. Signing a regular xfer ties the ship up for 2-4 years and isn't worth it given who we are still in on for 14. Getting a kid that is graduating this semester, has a year eligibility left, and is looking to move up to a T10 program with his last year is not an easy find. But with 3 ships open ( for next season we have only 10 probable returnees so 3 are open temporarily ) and so shaky inside talent and depth-wise without DT particularly, it really is our best hope IMO!

    Offering and taking David Bell's commit has tightened recruiting up quite a bit now. There are very few spots (2) left so they can't just offer anyone at this point anymore. We need a 2nd PG to play with Shannon in 14-15 - and maybe take over for him as a Soph. And we could use a "good/impact" C as I have no faith in Amir or Trey at this point and Bell will be a raw frosh so he isn't likely to be great for a while. Bell is the only post ( and he isn't projected as an immeditae impact kinda player just yet ) in the last 3 classes so the 2-3-4 spots have been taken care of and should be set at this point. We'll be losing all of our 1s and 5s after 14-15 so they need to be bolstered as they are a lot tougher to find "impact" kids for anyway. 2s and 3s are a dime a dozen comparatively, IMO!

    The "duo/package" of Okafor and Jones would be the prize! Only drawback is both are so good they are considered 1&d and we'd be having to "load up again bigtime" at PG and C in bunches for the 15 class then as well. But I'd take a NC run - a la Oden&Conley ANY DAY and just hope TM can sign a MEGA-MONSTER 15 class to reload with ( that '15 class probably needs a JUCO at PG or C given our hoped-for circumstances of almost 0 returnees at those two spots come 15-16)! That '15 class may have 7-8 members. WOWSER

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  • The problem is most of the JUCO's are worse than either Amir or Mcdonald, or can't pass the entrance exam.
    your answers are sorry MR VIP, and it shows how dumb you are paying for info that will be common knowledge the next day or sooner!
    You idiots think JUCO is loaded with talent or it will save the program, LOL roflmao that's why they are JUCO they have a major hole in them!

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  • "can't pass the entrance exam"? I know what you are trying to say but this comes off rather silly. There obviously is no entrance exam to get from JUCO to an tOSU. It is based on your grades in JUCO and how many credits will xfer etc. They want a true JR so that progress to a degree doesn't derail them during their small 2 year eligibility window.

    Not all JUCOs have "holes in them". LOL Some did not "impress" on the field as h.s. kids or were just short of passing the clearing house requirements ( combo of h.s. grades in core classes and their ACT/SAT high scores ). You want the first as the grades issues can haunt them into the 4-yr school career as well.

    Like I said before, the 2015 class is where we should be looking for a JUCO at PG, and/or maybe at C as well. Right now we have zero PGs scheduled to return in 15-16 and if we do get Jones that may not change that situation at all. You really don't want to "have to rely on a frosh PG" as that rarely works out well. Plus Bell is the only C returning and TM always uses at least two Cs in his rotation. If Bell still isn't ready to start then a JUCO C might be prudent in that class as well. We should have holdovers at the 2-4, but PG and C are hurting here in the intermediate term. They must address that soon. The 15 class could have 7-8 opening so we may have to look at some semi-vets from JUCO to maintain T10 status that year. Have to be picky and get the right kids tho.