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Talk a little Buckeye basketball with your fellow Ohio State hoopsters


Outclassed by Hoosiers

  • Indiana flat out kicked our tails. Oligdipo looked like Michael Jordan in his NC days and a guy who could carry his team. Zeller was absolutely unstoppable and has really developed some fantastic post moves and a nice shot 15-ft in. Other guys reigning timely 3's, each of which was its own dagger. If Indiana can play at the level they did today, they are a definite Final Four team.

    As per usual, Matta tried to beat the opponent at their game, at it just wasn't happening, at least not today. The only time we outplayed them was in the first half when Matta finally put Scott in the game and our guard combo gave us a defensive edge. That worked pretty well until Craft got in foul trouble, then Indiana ran away with it. By the time Matta decided to put Scott in the second half, it was too late to turn the tide.

    This one hurts, the BIG regular season title is now pretty much out of reach.

  • Well, I would agree. IU still has MSU and Minney on the road. We have MSU home and a home and away with NW. But for all intents and purpose, we are out of the regular season championship hunt.

  • I was not able to watch the game today. I have it DVR'd but probably will not watch it. I was able to listen to the last 10 minutes on the radio. Listening to Stokes he basically was of the opinion that the outcome today had more to do with how well IU played than OSU playing poorly. Looking at the box score, we did out-rebound them and only had 12 turnovers which is o.k. However, they shot 53% from the field while we were only able to shoot 42%. Also, we only had 8 assists which is not good. I thought we played our best offensive game against UofM Tuesday but just from the box score looks like we took a step back. I'm concerned a little about Thompson. Since the PSU game he really hasn't played all that great. 2 of 8 from the floor today for 4 points, only 1 rebound and 2 turnovers. Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad move to have him and Ross switch roles for a few games. Also, IU as many weapons. Zeller, Oladipo and Watford were big today but they have others, Hulls, Sheehey, etc. that can make big shots. For me it's just not that Thomas is our only real true option but we have no Post offense at all and cannot yet count on consistant play offensively from Thompson, Ross, Scott and even Smith and Craft at times. All is not lost. Winning the B1G looks almost out of reach. We lost to UofM and IU this week and both played great. We see what we need to do to compete at the highest levels. We do however need some quality wins. Only 1-6 versus top 20 teams. MSU and Minny at home are now must wins and we must sweep NU. Winning at Wisky would be nice as well. Lets see how this team and the coaches respond.

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  • Oligdipo reminds me of d wade with a better outside shot.

  • Oladipo is going to be a stud in the NBA. He's their best player, and that isn't meant to knock Zeller in any way shape or form. I never thought Zeller was NPOY good, but he is All-American good. Oladipo is just better.

    This game came down to two things, for me. Well, three if you count the fact IU just played really well. But the two concerning Ohio State:
    1) Amir Williams got into very, very early foul trouble and was never a factor in the game. Coming off a good performance on Tuesday, he never got a chance to build on that. Ravenel had basically the same issue. The two bigs in foul trouble meant they couldn't bang on Zeller as much to deny him position, or body him up farther from the basket. He was able to do anything he wanted.
    2) This team just plays way too slow offensively. They aren't good enough to consistently play in the half-court on offense. If they are playing half-court, Ross has to play big-time minutes, and LSJr needs to see less time. Ross can make outside shots, and he can take his man to the basket off the dribble. OSU needs more guys to be aggressive on offense, rather than waiting for the perfect opportunity. They also need to push the ball as often as possible, and just try to draw fouls if nothing else.

  • We continue to lose to top teams, 1-6 vs ranked teams. Ouch!

    Who cares about the Big Ten? Seriously, we have won many of those. We have 2 Final Fours under Matta. The only thing I care about is a national championship. Anything less is been there done that. This year our team is not very good. We can't win on the road or defend our home court against the top teams. Not enough playmakers and shooters and scorers on offense. Our interior defense is pretty weak and our guards are doing a terrible job on cutting down penetration. Our guards and perimters defenders need to play defense without receiving help. Also, too many times guys are helping and sagging when they don't need to.

    Indiana is just a much better team than we are. They have a low post presence and they have shooters and playmakers. They can make open shots too unlike many of our guys. Indiana is a much better passing team as well.

    We have a lot of work to do if we are going to make some kind of run in March. How we are ranked #13 is beyond me. We haven't beaten anybody besides scUM. We put ourselves in jeopardy of a #5 seed in the Big Dance now which is not a good road.

  • We may have to consider a lineup change. Smith Jr. is having a terrible year and is not giving us anything. Thompson is just too timid and not very aggressive offensively or on the boards. Those two need to go to the BENCH and we need to start Scott and Ross in place of them. We add quickness and offense in the move and send a message to both Thompson and Smith to step up or step out!

  • Agree with this completely. We need to try to push tempo. Now against IU that was playing right into their strength. They lead the league in scoring. But we need to get up the court as quickly as possible to try to get some easy looks before the opposition can get into their half-court defense. Once we get bogged down into our offense for the most part it's not pretty. Also, we really don't have good passers on this basketball team and don't do a good job of sharing the ball. We have guys that take shots where if they would just make the extra pass another player would have a better look. We're just not a good, fluid half court offense. You can blame coaching I guess to some extent but it's really more of a talent problem. Guys like Craft, Scott, Smith, Thompson, Williams, etc. are not skilled offensive basketball players. Good enough athletically but below average in their skill sets.

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  • This would probably make us better would also have an influx of atheticism with Thompson and Smith coming off the bench. Starting Ross for sure may get us off to a better start on the offensive end.

  • indiana has lots of movement on offense. crisp passing good cuts and screens and guys who can catch the ball and shoot a jumpshot without dribbling.
    our offense is mostly too slow with not enough movement and only thomas is willing to catch and shoot and unfortunately he does too much of that. zeller is a great team player who doesn't need the ball all the time. inside we have nothing. oglidipo(sp?) is a great athlete and almost unstopable on the drive. we have no one like that. indiana played a really nice team game spreading thinga around well. we just don't have five guys to spread the ball around to.

  • is it me or could all of this offensive tempo b.s. be stopped with just a pure shooter being brought into the line up. I understand everyone wanting Q to play more but what about a guy like Della Valla. I know I know this is crazy Thad would never play him this year but i think that's where this team really struggles. I like Q but I think this kid could give us some good minutes coming in and doing what he does best, the 3 ball!

  • If (big if, I know) we win out, I think we probably get a share of the title at least. Obviously, at IU will be extremely tough, at Wisky is tough, and MSU and Minny are solid, not to mention NW and Illinois are very capable of beating us. I actually think this team is starting to come together. I would not want to face us in the tourney. Let's face it, we really don't match up well with IU. Besides them, I think Minny is also a tough match up. If we can win five of our last 7 we should get a decent seed and go from there.

    It's hard to see Ross not increasing his PT as he is really coming on and his defense is greatly improved, albeit still not great. I also really like Scott on the floor, it seems Matta just doesn't like both Scott and Craft against certain teams.

  • I realize I sound like a broken record, but a guard tandem of Scott and Craft would really help us push tempo. The defensive pressure and turnovers these guys could carve out an identity for this team. Right now, our identity is strong defense, and hope DT busts loose and a couple of other guys hit some shots. Against Indiana, we couldn't defend Olidipo, Zeller, Watford, or the 3-point line in general. I much would have rather had Scott in the game to help deny in the passing lane, guard the 3-point line, and distribute the ball. Scott is a better passer than Craft, and is fairly close in assists despite the fact he is averaging less than half the minites that Craft is getting.

    I think we are a much better transition team on offense with Scott in the game, and it would help open up some shots for our streaky shooters such as Ross and Smith Jr. I really don't think we lose anything from a rebounding standpoint by going with a smaller line-up as both Craft and Scott are effective in this area. Do to quickness and lateral speed, they are also better against the outside shot than DT or Ross, who are not quick enough to get up in an offensive player's face.

    Additional minutes for Scott need to come from Smith Jr. and Thompson. Ross' minutes need to increase, and I believe he should spell DT for a few additional minutes each half.

  • I agree, but if Scott and Craft are both in the game, the emphasis HAS to be more on transition offense and playing at a quicker pace with the ball. When Scott and Craft are out there together and OSU is forced into a half-court offense, this team really, really struggles to score. Neither is much of a force scoring, as we all know, though Craft has shown he can finish at the rim.

    Scott can create for others, but it seems like when it is in more of a half-court game he tends to take more risks on lobs, no-look passes, etc. when they are unnecessary. When it is a transition game, he is great at breaking his man down, beating a few defenders with the ball, and then giving it up for an easy basket. I just don't know how much more effective, if any, OSU would be in a half-court game with both Scott and Craft on the floor together more often.

    But hey, at this point you might as well take a chance and experiment a bit more. It won't hurt them defensively, and they can't be THAT much worse offensively in the half-court...

  • I don't have a problem with playing Scott together with Craft more. This would basically mean Scott getting some of Smith's minutes. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing Thompson and Ross flip roles for a few games with Ross starting and Thompson coming off the bench. Perhaps shaking things up in this way will work who knows. Unfortunately, however, I believe the bottom line with this team is that the "real" answers are not on the roster. We've lost 6 out of 7 to ranked teams for a reason. We really don't have any "complete" players. All of our guys have a weakness. Now I realize all players have weaknesses but the chinks in our guys games are significant and not easily overcome against quality competition. Scott and Craft are great defenders and can cause havoc on the defensive end. Offensively they leave much to be desired. Thomas can score the ball but is only a so-so defender and not a good passer. I can go on but I believe you get the point. When we player Ross for instance over Thompson we sacrifice defensive and explosive athleticism for skilled offense. This team is a top 5 B1G team that will most likely go 1-1 in the B1G tourney and 1-1 in the dance. To do better than that they will have to catch lightening in a bottle somehow. It's just a bit of a down year for us.....I will take this however as a down year compared to where we used to be prior to Matta.

  • I have always liked Craft and SCott on the floor together with Scott running the point. The bottome line is we cannot have lapses in games or not play our best or near our best if we expect to win against quality compeitition.

    IU is a very good team that played probably one of their better if not best game of the year. We all knew IU posed serious match up problems for us (Amir/Ravenal on Zeller, DT on Wottford, anyone on Oladipo). They played great, give them credit. Crayer has a good write up and he counted 9 wasted possessions in the first half. It is the simple things that get you.....if we do not waste half of those the game is much tighter at halftime.

    Oladipo and Zeller were a combined 16-23 from the floor.....not a hell of a lot you can do about that in many cases. And that Sheahy dude came in and seemingly hit every clutch shot imaginable when we were trying to make a run.

    Our starting 5 should be: Ross, DT, Craft, Amir, and LSJ. Ross should get 28-30 min, Slam Thompson should get 10-12. Scott can rotate often and should play at least 15-20 min a game.

    when Ross exited the game we went downhill offensively and then he didn't start Ross the 2nd half.

    A lot still can happen in this league so i do not htink we are out of the race yet but do be IN IT we need to win all but 1 or at least all but 2 (worst case) more conf. games. I give us the L at IU and Wisky is 50/50. we have to win th rest whicn means beating Minn, MSU, and ILL on our home floor.

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  • Amen! I don't ever remember seeing so many bounce passes to a cutter coming right down the lane untouched for layups. Offensively IU was light years beyond us. We perimeter pass and IU was in the lane the entire game.