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Bucknutin' But Net

Talk a little Buckeye basketball with your fellow Ohio State hoopsters


Ross=Open, Thomas =Open, Super Craft won't pass.

  • Considering scUM had 5 players play 40+ minutes, I don't want to hear about rest. These are 18 to 22 year old kids!! Bullshit!

  • I guess u missed the mich st game?

  • If IIRC, there were only about 5.5 seconds left when Scum shot their free throw, its hard to do much besides drive the ball up the floor, maybe pass once, and shoot. I don't have the game taped, but I don't recall anyone being wide open for Craft to pass to. I recall most of the team trailing way to far behind Craft.

    I don't really think a timeout works in that situation, if you call it when you rebound the ball you have to break a press and get a shot of in less than 5 seconds, if you call TO at halfcourt you have maybe two seconds left, not enough time to set up a good shot, especially not with this team which really lacks players that can create shots for themselves. Matta won a ton of games at the end when he had Evan Turner at the point because his best playmaker had the ball. Thomas just isn't a good enough ballhandler to bring it all the way up the court (at least that I have seen) and he really isn't very good at creating his own shot on the perimeter.

    I've really disagreed most seasons with those that thought we needed to go deeper with our bench, but this year I agree that our bench needs to be fully utilized. I definitely think Scott needed more minutes vs Scum, but hindsight is 20/20. Lenzelle Smith had a bad game, he is just so streaky, and of course he hit some big shots in the 2nd half.

    Hopefully some of the mistakes get corrected and we take one from IU on Sunday. We would be right back in the hunt, and frankly 1-1 vs. top 3 teams in a week isn't too bad.

  • Just my take on some of the topics discussed in this thread:

    Craft had basically no other option on either scramble play (after strip of Burke with 25 seconds left in OT and end of OT). On the first one, Thomas was ahead of Craft initially, but was at midcourt and would have had to dribble half the court to convert, while having two defenders near him. You don't want DT doing that.

    At the end of OT, Thomas did have the ball in his hands off the rebound, but quickly gave it to Craft. With the amount of time left, the only option is to sprint the ball up the court, hope the rest of your teammates do the same, and then try to make something happen. Unfortunately, UM had their entire team back, OSU had only Smith and Ross as options for Craft to go to, and both were covered. DT was far too far back in trailing the play.

    I agree that resting Craft throughout the game would be a good idea. Just give him two two-minute rests in each half right before a TV timeout. Like it or not, he's the best option to "initiate" any offensive play in an end of game scenario. He can actually finish at the rim, something Scott has shown he cannot do, and that extra bit of rest can do nothing but help in the end of game situation. However, in a game against UM with Burke and Hardaway, it's hard to justify taking Craft off Burke. You have to bite the bullet at some point and give him a blow, but Craft is essentially Burke's only kryptonite.

    Lastly, Deshaun Thomas has got to "want" the ball much more in big situations. Do you think it is coincidence, or maybe just Craft refusing to pass, that is causing DT not to get the ball when it matters most? He's not working hard enough to get it, instead many times choosing to spot up for a shot. He's talented and a volume scorer, but he needs a bit of a fire lit under him to DEMAND the ball at certain points of the game. Lollygagging down the court, not working for position, or lazily not getting back on defense do not help the team. He has spurts of every one of those throughout each game.

  • We have better depth than Michigan, why would you want to neutralize our advantage?

    I think you all are very confused about how you tire in a basketball game and what the implications of that are.

    You are running and jumping in spurts, but you are pretty much moving at all times. To defend a quick player like Burke who can shoot from the outside, and who is getting screens from teamates that you have to battle through, you are expending extraordinary energy on pretty much every defensive possession.

    Craft sharing this load with Scott makes alot of sense and it is a huge advantage that we have two guys that can actually go head to head with Burke. We would we want to neutralize our advantage by having Scott only play 13 minutes, less than 1/3 of a 45 minute game. It's not only poor coaching, its crazy to expect one guy to handle that load without rest and have any legs left to take a jumper. It is amazing that Craft hit the long three and was able to drive and rebound as effectively as he did in this game. Imagine how much better he could have done if Scott had been allowed to play and help defend Burke.

  • I continue to hammer in the point that we are such a better team with Scott and Craft in the game together.

  • Craft, Scott, and Smith in the game at the same time plus Thomas and a center = a line up that is too short against against a lot of teams and that will get out rebounded big time.

  • Michigan is to long in the back court to play craft and scott at the same time. Plus we needed scoring since mich was on fire.

  • How do you think we beat them in C-Bus a couple weeks ago? Frankly, I figured Scott would have been starting after that game and I'm not sure why Matta regressed. If you count positve point margin when they are in together, it is very high.

    Craft and Scott both get up in a guy's face, they are actually very effective against taller backcourt players. They can both rebound well also.

    The point of them playing together is to push tempo and get fast break or transition possessions in lieu of half-court possessions. Scoring increases.

    You can watch tomorrow, and hopefully the Craft/Scott backcourt combo can deliver a victory over Indiana.

  • I think that combo will work tomorrow because iu loves to turn the ball over helping us get into transition. Michigan was knocking down shots forcing us to play more half court. That's all I was saying. I agree they are a good combo but disagree about the lack of it in that game costing us