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Bucknutin' But Net

Talk a little Buckeye basketball with your fellow Ohio State hoopsters


Who are you?

  • Who Are You!!!

    Watching the game against Illinois solidified some of my early gut instincts concerning this team. I'm not one to jump to conclusions without justifications. I couldn't quite put my finger on what was missing or what was wrong with this team... until today.

    This team is built on the word NO.
    No identity
    No determination
    No desire
    No drive

    You came out for pre-game warmup and looked like you could have cared less about being there. Your shoulders were down, your were listless and slow. You were beaten before the game started!!!

    Who are you as a team?
    Who do you want to be as a team?
    How do you want to be remembered?
    Who are you as individual team players?

    The worth of a man is shown in his actions in all aspects of his life. By not trying your are cheating yourself. If you think back on the Illinois game and can say to yourself did I give my best...and you say "yes I did".....then you are lying to yourself about who you really are.

    You can have all the natural talent in the world, but if apathy and feelings on entitlement rob you of who you can be... you will be beaten not just for this season but for your whole life.

    What needs to happen to get back on the right track is to call each other out in practice. Ask each person if he is playing with all his heart and soul. Ask what they want for this team.... then put the past in the past.

    Start fresh. Your next game can be a new beginning.

    To the big men under the basket.....WORK HARDER!!! Put some attitude in your game. Be more aggressive and hold on to the ball!! If I were Matta I would super glue a basketball to your hand and make you go to classes the next day with it. can not do everything yourself. Make others step up to the tasks at hand. Make them accountable for a great team effort.

    Thomas.... you will not have a great game all the time. We are all human. Make the other players step up and contribute to take some pressure off you.

    If you are not a starter...there is a reason for that. Do not feel entitled because you were a high school standout. You have to put your whole being into the practices to be able to go to the next level of play. When you do this...your time will come.

    Please let your fans start seeing the team I know that you can truly be. Each player should start fresh...start over with a new attitude...or start your car and go home.

  • I don't think your assessment is correct at all!
    They have desire they play hard they are inexperienced many are not scorers,they will get better because they are athletes,but to say they have no desire and don't play hard is not correct at all,because any top program effort is the main thing that is stressed and has been since these kids were in grade school.To make that statement you either have very little knowledge about High School and College basketball or you want to write a post that makes you look like you know what your talking about?? But to someone who lives it or has seen several very good players and programs know your full of crap.

    Average team with good not great talent and average or below average BASKETBALL PLAYERS << Yes!!
    Not weak mentally or not trying!

  • Uhm , Buckeye Bob. The sentence you placed two question marks after is not a question. It is more of a statement. The next sentence........., well it's hard to explain. Let's just start by working on that first one. Just trying to help you out since I know how much you like leaving posts trying to correct grammar.

    I can be kind of like your deputy. Yeah! Deputy Vill. I like it. Lol. Lol. :-(

  • It's a message board VillageidiotBuck punctuation means nothing uhm but misspelling words that are in front of your face is just DUMB>> hey that's you!

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