FRR: 'Meyer Called Us Dog Crap'

Who is the headline quote attributed to? Ohio State junior center Corey Linsley. What exactly was he referring to? Well, you'll have to listen to today's edition of Front Row Radio.

Surprisingly, Linsley was not talking about the Buckeyes' 35-28 win over California on Saturday in a game where OSU was very fortunate to emerge victorious. However, he just as easily could have been.

In terms of the Cal game and what it means moving forward for Ohio State, we break it down during our roundtable discussion on today's show. Could defensive coordinator Luke Fickell be on the hot seat after this season if the defense doesn't show marked improvement? We debate that question and much more.

And we also bring you three, quick, one-on-one interviews with Linsley, OSU senior tight end Jake Stoneburner and junior safety Christian Bryant.

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