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AP: Buckeyes hope they’re ready for Big Ten start

DeShaun Thomas knows the Buckeyes have a tough road ahead.

ESPN: Video: Big Ten bowl game review

ESPN: Clowney's big hit defines Outback Bowl

ESPN: Big Ten bowl helmet stickers

O-Zone: 2012 Buckeye Rewind - Quarterbacks

O-Zone: Recruiting Rundown: Updates from Under-Armour Game

O-Zone: Random Thoughts from San Antonio

O-Zone: Army All-America Bowl Interview Videos

Lincoln Journal-Star: Huskers feel like they have nothing to lose entering league play

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Penn State lawyers seek speedy Sandusky settlements

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: O'Brien departure to NFL would be dagger to Penn State football

PennLive: If O'Brien goes to NFL, it's a major setback for Penn State

Penn Live: Big Ten feels absence of Ohio State, Penn State in going 2-5 this bowl season

Intermat: Kyle Snyder, elite junior wrestler, chooses Ohio State

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Big Ten mediocrity confirmed

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